RESPONSE FOM TWO FEDERAL WELL PLACED SOURCES-TAKE IT TO HEART-ANYBODY OTHER THAN OFFICIALDOM, IS THE ENEMY-WHICH INCLUDES US! DHS-LEO-Speaking of trucking, there's a bridge in Laredo Tx that handles 50% of all trucking loads that enter the from our southern border. If that bridge was taken out.. we as nation would be hurting for at least a week or two. We know of organizations that want to destroy it right now. I have seen been in the biggest FEMA wharehouse on the east coast, I was in charge of their security posture and worked closely with FEMA, in 2015almost 2 million square foot wharehouse was emptied. And the goods were moved to a central location in the country. I think I was told Denver. Also, think about this. When you run out of food, so will the police, the firefighters, the doctors and so do the bad guys... NEXT-FORMER FEMA OFFICIAL:Steve, I really appreciated the show this evening you could feel the kavod, heavy sweetness of the Holy Spirit, like glory, wooing His people. My prayer is that they listen. People are so disconnected from their food that believe it is a right. Growing my own has been an experience with all the environmental factors, but I have learned allot. Pre-Y2K food is also non-GMO. From below, it was to Denver, and not the first time. Also, with enhanced 911 people have given police and firefighters maps and locations of everything from their food to their medications to firearms. They may not be available to help but...if one does not have food they know where to find it and people consider them demi-gods. From the show...on the power grid, yes they will go out, but redundant low tech systems have been installed they want to use the power, but it is not likely to be used for us.I have attended a few of the whole community meetings on it. In one particular meeting they were laughing that some of their own would not make it when the lights went out.It was the same evil laugh that in part precipitated my relocation. Y2K stuff did happen. True, interoperability was the main mission, but it was the beginning of many things like big data, centralized federal asset databases, beginning of biometrics, federal vetting, etc... and things did go down, it just was not reported. I was in Israel three months after Y2K and the banks were closed due to it. The stats I shared are from an article I wrote today, proof tomorrow. When I read it is as you said, either people know or they don't care. They are in process of overhauling Homeland Security and expanding it, they are calling this the New Age of Terrorism. Even DIY'ers are now terrorists. New Age alright, for they are letting every demon in to terrorize. I look forward to the day of eternity when we can just worship Jesus and all these things will have faded away. Be blessed in Jesus Christ, our hope, C.

Dec 5, 2017

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