I was a technician at Space Systems Loral (Bernie Schwartz) when the Chinese came through and were given the crown family jewels.I saw quite a lot of the whole thing

Steve !!,

I was a technician at Space Systems Loral (Bernie Schwartz) when the
Chinese came through and were given the crown family jewels. I saw quite a
lot of the whole thing. There were about 2 dozen of them in all including
translators and some really tough looking aids and a mixed mob of various
US persons. There were there for about a week and some of the best
engineers and scientists Bernie had was up there on the projector flinging
all sorts of math and drawings and slide shows. Gov people and state
department people were there too. we almost didnt have enough room for all
the limousines, vans and extra people. It was kept out of the news. we
were all told to just do our jobs and not engage them in conversation and
not to stare but be cordial but brief if you were specifically addressed.

I heard that they all flew in to Moffett field which isnt too far away from
SSL but I cant confirm that.

Showed them perfectly how to separate the payload from the bus without
disturbing it once they reached the window, and the pre separation fuel
control designs. I was pretty upset at what I was seeing and got on a
local conservative radio station KSFO in san Francisco one morning as a
guest for an hour with Lee Rogers. I also emailed with Michael Reagan but
he gave me the phone number within bill Clintons cabinet and I called the
number at the pre arranged appointed time. I folded and dodged out of the
call when I realized who I was talking to and where it was going to lead.
I was on a speakerphone at their end and I heard the voice of whom shall
not be named talking and attending our call. I spoke directly with
William Cohen and Warren Christopher. It sounded like I was speakerphoned
into a cabinet meeting.

I felt an indescribable sense of evil, foreboding, and selfishness flooding
my entire being and a strong urge to just get off the phone. Apparently
Michael Reagan tried to feed me to the wolves and I damned near took the

I was an electronics technician and I frequently worked in the primary
cleanroom on weather and com satellites and the electronics lab areas with
unfettered full access. I was there for about a year and worked on GOES
weather and com satellites.

Im writing you because I heard you mention it via yoootube within a Hagman
interview I think it was recently.

Well, I was right there when it all happened and seen much of it with my
own two eyes. I tried to do something about it but I was much more naive

Lots older and lots wiser now !! Thanks Steve. Thanks Hagmanns !!

call me if you like Steve. Would be glad to chat.

as a side comment, the average boobus americanus on the street that
happens onto your show or one of your interviews unknowingly calls you a
kook and a nut, but if only they knew the truth. Everything you have said
and much much more. The truth is so much stranger than fiction and for
the average person is unfathomably evil, corrupt and well, strange.

Dec 20, 2017

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