FEDERAL SWAT TEAM-PRO GUN,LEADER' OVERVIEW OF THE GUN BAN-'It doesn't matter what you ban or outlaw. Bad people will kill innocent people with whatever means necessary'.

President Trump is going to outlaw the bumpfire attachment for AR type weapons or so he says. This is such a slippery slope. This is a war against the second amendment. Also there are other weapon modifications out there that replicate the same rate of fire as a bumpfire butt stock. But what's next? Suppressors, short barrel rifles, "pistol" style rifles, high caliber magazines, large caliber weapons, automatic weapons?

It doesn't matter what you ban or outlaw. Bad people will kill innocent people with whatever means necessary. Cain, the first murder in recorded history, killed Abel with a rock. God didn't have a knee jerk reaction and destroy all rocks on Earth.

Do you understand that this is about making "We the people" unable to defend ourselves against an overpowering government. Which in all technicalities, we are.The average person doesn't posses enough high caliber military grade weapons, explosives, heavy weapon carrying vehicles to even match up equally with the national guard or regular Military.

So why the need to ban weapons and have Mr. and Mrs.'s America turn in our guns? Because We the people, at a moment's notice can over throw any government that is propped up.That is as long as we still have moral patriotic American Generals who have balls.

Notice if you will, all these people of the higher echelons have numerous body guards, who trust me, are armed with more than harsh words. What are you doing President Trump? Open your eyes to the schemes and stop trying to make a deal with a pit full of snakes. If you continue down this road sir, you'll land in the middle of that pit of vipers.

'CNN is a tyrannical group of lunatics who only care about ratings and are fanning the flames of civil war, again'. President Trump, you were supposed to be the champion of the second amendment remember? NRA is on your side, why would you go against them? Let me remind you, the Nation Rifleman's Association, is not a LLC or corporation. The real NRA is every man and woman who owns a firearm.

I implore you Mr. President, do not go against "We the People". Please reconsider your opinions on this matter. Your going down the same path that your predecessor tried to implement.

Here's how you "stop the threat" of violence on our school campuses. Put the police in the schools. Put the veterans in the schools and arm them. We love our nation and we will fight to the death for our kids, the future of our people. Policies do nothing but restrict the actions of people. People protect people sir, not policies, not CNN, not Fox News, not Democrats or Republicans.

I'm so sick of this back and forth, you politicians can not be trusted to do your job while your too busy getting rich by the NWO. At least make the congressmen and senators who wear their sponsors on their suites like drivers in Nascar, maybe that way we will know who to vote for and who to throw out.

This pisses me off to such an extreme that it's painful to even mention. Leave the guns alone. I have about 10 guns sitting in my safe and to the date..not one of them has committed a mass murder. Mr. President, there is enough chemicals at Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart and Tractor Supply to kill hundreds of people if combined and used properly but yet we are not restricting how much fertilizer, bleach and bug poison you can buy are we? Hell sir, Tannerite is a legal explosive that anyone can go buy as long as they met the age requirement but yet it's still for sale

Think about it people, this gun ban crap is coming. Eventually it will be here and then the Bible confiscation policy will be after that. Ever wonder why, the Koran is not outlawed? Even though the largest proportion of terrorism comes from the Islamic believers?

Why are guns and Jesus the biggest enemies in our nation? Not Buddha, the Dali Lama, Allah, or SATAN?

Because there is power in the name of JESUS and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord. These people who wish to enslave you with their "policies" know they have but a short time.

There is power in the name of Jesus and there is power in my .50 cal. They fear what they can't control. They can't control a free people willing to defend their rights to the death. They fear the King, who will reign over all and everything.

I don't know the future of our people but I assure you, the day the government successful bans firearms; you will see an increase in knife, sword, machete, axe, car, fire, chemical, explosive, rock, sharp stick and hand to hand assualts. People will always find a way to kill each other. That's why it's so important to let the people defend themselves with firearms.

Look at the other countries that have tried this gun confiscation and gun ban nonsense. They're gun related crimes ski rocketed. Take this unique situation and consider it wisely. This is for those of you who want guns banned.

Your in the intimacy of your home, asleep. You hear a door kicked open and you know that you know that you know, this is a home invasion. You have no gun because of your twisted beliefs and your kitchen knives are where? Ya,in the kitchen where multiple armed men are going through to get to you.

You call who? The President, congressmen, senators, actors, or activist who suggested you turn in your guns or just to outlaw them entirely? No, you call 911 and pray to God that I get there in the next 15 seconds to take care of your problem. Wrong, it takes on average, a police officer 2 to 10 minutes to get there if they are in the area and traffic conditions allow a high speed response. Your screwed until then. Hope you know how to haggle or other persuasive ways to not got savagely beaten, raped or killed. You better hope those Intruders aren't MS-13 who like to do human sacrifice to Satan. You better hope they are just there to ask you for a cup of milk or a few tea spoons of sugar.

But you know, that you know, that you know, that no one breaks into a home late at night wearing dark clothing for cooking ingredients.

Think about that you idiots. Better hope the bad guys turn in there guns too.

Feb 23, 2018

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