They think its'cool' to own one, but, so does lucifer and his desire it for you, so they can Enslave you more and more. Jesus is Lord.

Last year they all met in New Zealand. They all trade info, data, and use the “proxy”
System so they can say “who, me? “ why we did not spy on you. They can tell when
People even take a crap in some homes, those that are so stupid as to have one of those
Talk to devices such as amazon echo, google echo or whatever it is, that record, hear, and
Send in to the mainframe everything that is going on. All crap that satan has told man “he can
Be as God” to know all and see all. All part of the antichrist system that is so much in place in
The world, with so many , even rather stupid “Christians”, accepting it and even desiring it.
Such fools. These foolish idiots don’t even realize that they have been “had” and turned themselves
Over to the evil one and his. They fell for the smart phones, and now even desire satan’s little
Info collector in their homes, etc. All seduced by the whiles of lucifer and his. Jesus is Lord.

Mar 4, 2018

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