On one last note, isn’t it interesting that now California is now looking at allowing the eating (restaurants) of the 20-lb swamp rat. What a third world country we are becoming !


Never a dull moment. Don’t forget Oil futures start trading in the Chinese Yuan on the Shanghai futures on 03/26/18.

This is why President Trump is trying to get the “steel and aluminum” industries back here to retool and get ready for war.

Also why we the US have been producing the most oil since the 70s remember Rommel ran out of fuel in Africa during WWII. Oil/fuel is needed to engage in any war.

I remember watching a documentary on the History channel and looking at old black and white footage of the Ford plant during WWII in one year Ford only made 5 cars the rest of the who year they were making military equipment for the war effort. Hence this is why when we were kids the show Waltons was so popular as this was during the war effort and there were shortages of everything during that time. It wasn’t until the 70s- when the “materialism” really started taking hold and everyone’s “wants” became “needs”.

It is funny how the flow of information and the resultant reactions are getting faster and faster. Hence as Hawk as said many times that as according to the Bible there will be a sudden destruction. So how long will it take for the US dollar to be rejected wholesale? Due to the advent of the information flow and computers we could see over night (a weekend) when the game will be up. March 23, 2018 is a FRIDAY, the following Monday oil futures start trading in the Yuan.

So it won’t take long in today’s quick moving information curve for us here in the US to wake up and life as we know it will be over.

A little recap.

Remember, back in 2014 congress passed and was signed by the president to allow for private pensions to be cut.

Back in 2012, the bail-in provisions were adopted by the Bank of England and the FDIC.

Back in 2008, the court ruled in MF Global even though that brokerage firm stole the money from segregated individual accounts the court did not go after and no criminal charges were brought.

Now in 2018 a federal court in Vermont ruled that governments can cut the pensions of state employees.

So now every facet with the exception of federal pensions has been addressed, and all of the pieces are in place and there is no safe haven with the exception of physical gold and silver.

The Comex I have been told (I did not verify this) has put in limits of $3.00 moves in silver and $50.00 moves in Gold so if they move up more than those limits trading is stopped.

Don’t forget Social Security is going broke right now. The disability fund of social security already went broke and they took money from the general fund and moved it over to the disability fund to keep that afloat. Social security will be cut for all people too. So instead of someone getting $1500 per month they will get $800.00 per month. All of those people currently getting it are the lucky ones. The federal government will HAVE to address this after the 2020 election.

So to recap every facet with the exception of federal pensions (however once the US dollar is deemed worthless it won’t matter) has been addressed:

Private pensions cutable

Bail in provisions with the banks are set-up and in place

Brokerage firms can take your segregated funds and use them for their own purpose

State government pensions are allowed to be cut.

Social security is going broke.

Limits in the movement of gold and silver put in place.

On one last note, isn’t it interesting that now California is now looking at allowing the eating (restaurants) of the 20-lb swamp rat. What a third world country we are becoming and the people do not even see it.

In looking at the supply chain issues. There was a time when a company kept inventory, then they moved to the just-in-time model now they have the new “ship to shelf” model which means that a company has very little inventory and it does not take long for shortages to hit. This is happening at wal-marts and wholefoods all across the nation. Back in 2008-2009 stores like Lowe’s home improvement, really got slammed as they were stuck with a lot of inventory washers/dryers, refrigerators and they had a lot of money tied up in inventory. Now they have changed along with other stores they do not have a lot of inventory now. Yes they have display items at the stores but they are not owned by Lowes they are still owned by the manufacturer. For example, Whirlpool will put their appliances with the Lowe’s stores and Whirlpool will still own the inventory. If you go to Lowe’s website it will show the items for sale and if you buy something it will take about a week before it gets delivered. Why so long? Because, Lowe’s orders it directly from the manufacturer and it gets delivered to the Lowe’s warehouse which then gets delivered to the customer. No financial/inventory risk on Lowe’s balance sheet. Which from an accounting and financial perspective is smart. However, it puts more stress on the supply chain. If the supply chain goes (fuel shortage, weather, war, or other natural disaster) then shortages are abound. This explains why we are seeing more trucks on the road delivering goods. Not only the new driving rules but the new supply chain model as companies like Walmart does not have the funds available to buy the inventory needed and hence the move to the new “ship to shelf” inventory model.

Once it goes down we will see inflation like it was back in the late 70s. For example Duke Power our electric company here in Charlotte is raising the rates by 16%. So if you are not making 16% more this year than last year then you are poorer. People just do not get it as they are too dumbed down now to realize that 16 is greater than 2!

Be well,

Dr. Jack

Mar 6, 2018

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