Over the last three years , I have been delivering to VA HQ in Helena at
> least twice a month . It's not quite as hidden as some government buildings
> in town, but one does get the distinct vibe that they would rather not be
> noticed . Hidden on the third floor of a downtown office building with no
> outside indication that they even exist ,one steps off the elevator into a
> small lobby with locked bullet proof glass doors that lead to the offices .
> There is usually no receptionist at the desk and one must pick up a phone
> on the counter and dial four digits to contact the person you desire .
> There are no job descriptions next to these digits . One must have an
> appointment to be there and one must know exactly with whom they wish to
> speak before going there .
> Up until March of last year (that's right , MARCH !) they had The Entity's
> official portrait , with AG Holder's portrait along side , hung in this
> lobby .
> The portrait of The Entity was extremely creepy , with eyes that follow
> you around the room , looking right at you no matter where you stand , at
> every angle .
> They finally took down those abominations around the end of March , 2017 ,
> well after Trump's inauguration and they have not replaced them with
> anything , just leaving a bare spot on the wall .
> Donald Trump's official portrait has been out for quite some time .
> Are factions in the VA Trump haters ?
> Do they know something that we do not know ?
> Did they not expect him to be in office very long ?
> Are they afraid that Trump's portrait will trigger an angry veteran , or
> is it the women that the place is exclusively staffed with those who owe their allegiance to someone else?Are they there to see that the vets, are handled with the same contempt that they show the Current President of the United States?

Mar 10, 2018

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