Hey Steve: For a long while we have been conditioned with the fact that there will be War with Kim of Korea and then presto chango. Mr. Trump just got us Peace with them as who really wanted World War 3 and it's global destruction...and Now we hear news our economy is coming back like a Tiger but at the same time I hear Real Estate mortgage filings are dropping like rocks in Seattle and CalPers is on the verge of bankruptcy and financial rigging is at it most insane "fixes" in all markets...I guess what I am getting at is are we being emotionally spiritually whipsawed into a spiritual state of confusion and lies of REALITY...are we denying something really huge in this country if not in the world....Did we get a reprieve from the edge of destruction and judgement or is it now a time near where the Bible speaks of "when they speak of Peace and Safety THEN will sudden destruction come upon them".. Granted who wants a total breakdown in our world. But that which gnaws me is I DONT SEE ANY REPENTENCE nor Love for our Redeemer in the so-called Church here in America in a generalized MOVE...I am told that Roe V. Wade will be done away with and all I can say is it's about time for much mass murder just so people could enjoy the sin of fornication...and yet is this sin or any other sin being condemned loudly in the pulpits across the country.When was the last time anybody ever came up to you to say "Please forgive me for the way I spoke or treated you" be it Christian or non-Christian.. has 501c3 taken so ahold of the pulpit that we are Deaf and Dumb to TRUTH in all of it's revealings and has totally seared our personal responsibilities to the Holy Spirit?. I have NEVER heard so many Prophets in the land which NOW say the GOLDEN DAYS of Mr. Trump are right before us...and in a huge sense I hope so...but Does that change what Fukushima is doing to our oceans and the countries that are being hit by the radiation that will Never stop. Is the Geo-engineering of our skies which kills our soils and plant-life and contaminate our bodies across the world....has this lessened or stopped...Are the earth changes which shows itself which a huge uptick in volcanoes and earthquakes massively NOW just beginning to subside as if that hidden force in space is now just moving past us with No More Effect... Has 5 G which will be the most en-compassing tyranny to civilized society in a global sense... just melted away...

In my spirit I am beginning to hear....Peace and Safety.. and the last time the world was given this was with Neville Chamberlain and within the span of a year or so World War 2 broke out....are we re-playing the same act but Now for World War 3...This spiritual schizophrenia I believe will now give rise to a division in the so-called Christian church and right down into the individual family unit that the Lord spoke of...We ALL want the HOPE for a better tomorrow but we really don't want the responsibility of facing a situation that we may have just begun to wake up to ...way too late to make that difference in our world...our self indulgence and narcism really does not like to fall on the altar of sacrifice..
If you have any clarity on the times we are in please respond because I have a HUGE gnawing in my spirit and I can't shake this one at all....thanks...rob

Mar 12, 2018

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