EXPECT THE INTERNET TO GO DOWN AT SOME POINT AS MISSILES FLY--SUGGEST THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE WAITED ,ACQUIRE A SHORT WAVE RADIO AND HAVE IT OVERNIGHTED- Reuters reports that Russian envoy just announced that Russia will shoot down any missiles fried by USA into Syria.---- 'I agree with this too. Let us not forget, Russian and Chinese special forces were allowed to stay in our country for a while...many I fear are still here and awaiting orders. I still suspect a massive grid down situation coming with all this. China and Russia will have to move quickly to take out our defenses, this won't be a slow and drawn out attack. It'll be fast, hard hitting and in multiple phases. People have no idea what had hit them, but I assure you, once our satellites start going down, bad sh!t is coming. Russians and Chinese are ruthless when it comes to warfare, they will have no mercy. This won't be a hearts and minds campaign'FROM ACTIVE DUTY SWAT TEAM LEADER' AND BATTLE HARDENED,MARINE WARRIOR ,- SQ-I WILL POST ALERTS THROUGH THE DAY-BUT ALL LAST MINUTE PROVISIONS MUST BE ACQUIRED TODAY-AT SOME POINT IF ANY US SHIP IS DESTROYED ALL CREDIT CARDS WONT WORK,CHECKS WONT BE ACCEPTED

Apr 11, 2018

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