I have been in the industry for a long time, and look I will tell you now, Senior Art Directors and Presidents of all and yes Steve. All GAMING companies are high-level occultists,and you have got to be into the occult to qualify for the job. I work with alot of them, with Assassin Creed they have actually Assassins from the Vatican, coming into dark rooms and reviewing what they can put in the game and what they must take out. Actually, Blood ritual hitmen and this was told to me by the creator of 4 Assassin creed games. Now Dark Soul is made by Hidetaka Mizayaki and who is he? Lets go back to the source, he was interviewed on what books he reads and he reads about the Occult and his main focus is who? you guessed it H.P Lovecraft, now Steve when was Lovecraft alive? That's right the same time as Alice A Baily and the same time as Alister Crowley. Now Lovecraft was very creative but he was used by the devil, Lovecraft himself never left his home and was contacted by higher powers. He died a poor man but his work is studied by the devil worshipers. So Hidetaka, loves Devilman, Lovecraft and George martin. Steve, by their fruits you will know them. Now Steve its not dark souls opening portals, they have been putting spirits into people since the 70's . Whats Mario? the most popular series ever. Two plumbers taking magic mushrooms and fighting a dragon. Lucy is in the stars with dragons. The whole series of Mario was based on the Beatles and their drug pushing society. You see Steve ALL forms of entertainment are from the Devil, they don't care what they put in these games as long as it keeps you further and further away from JESUS. Steve When I was a boy, my mother prayed for one thing. Give my son discernment, you can ask me about literally any video game and I can point out the evil, from the get-go. Steve, I have been around people that are so evil I could not even breath ok. I have been to Comic-cons and got sick as well. These people have an agenda, and hey that's why I want to fight back. I want to make some material, to say Hello, wake up,

May 3, 2018

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