SERIOUS FORMER GAMER,VALIDATES PREVIOUS ALERT, ON VIDEO GAMES-'I imagine ID software is probably loaded with actual Satanists/Occultists.'

Steve, I just read one of your "alerts" about the video game industry, and
I have to tell you I think that guy is RIGHT on the MONEY. To be honest, I
think some of those guys in the alerts section are full of crap; but I was
a serious gamer for quite a while. In recent years the video game industry
has become very occultic and loaded with illuminati symbolism, same thing
going on with the movie and music industries, but the video game industry
took a while to catch on. Not that long ago, games may have been extremely
violent, but you didn't see nearly every single one chock full of occult
symbolism and such. Now it is most of them and Very obvious. Also, in
many of the games, when it pertains to demons, satanism, occult secret
societies etc... You can tell that the game designers REALLY REALLY know
about the occult.

I've been VERY red pilled and fairly well read with spiritual warfare,
secret societies, how demons operate and so on. Well, these game designers
NAIL this stuff to a T. There is NO WAY the game designers, such as in
Devil May Cry, could have made the demon world and their agenda so
realistic without being involved in the occult themselves.(And for the
boneheads out there I realize that story of the game was totally fictional)
Just no way Jose. Doom would be another example. There's TONS of those
games, extremely realistic portrayal of the occult world. That poster was
RIGHT on the MONEY, coming from a former, avid gamer.

Bethesda DEFINITELY 100% without a doubt would have to be another one.
Bethesda is obsessed with the occult and paganism, VERY realistically


May 4, 2018

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