V'S Year End Review-To say that we are headed to the most troubled time in human history would be the biggest understatement in history

To say that we are headed to the most troubled time in human history would be the biggest understatement in history. Over the course of few short months i have warned many of you through this site and we are here at this point. I will now allay what and where we are headed in the market and the world in general.

I have said some time ago that this would be the most dismal hoilday spending season and to date it is. Folks we are in a depression, the sooner many of you understand that the sooner many of you can stop playing these silly games with your selves. Games like: "should I take my money out of bank?" To "what is the metals market doing? And should I buy or sell? " My friends I will leave you with this forecast and warning for the close of this year. The final quater numbers will be terrible. Companies will continue to shed their labor force and the full on solvency crisses will be brought to light by the soon collapse of the derivative market. The American people though would be too broke and too busy trying to earn a living
That this light of information would not even register. The coming onslaught of banker healthcare aka obamacare and the taxes that are included with it will be final siphoning sound the American middle class and small business owners will hear.

My final peice of advice is this: to the sceptic and ill prepared best of luck to you for your destruction will come upon you quickly as your heads have been in the sand too long. To those that are awake: get your money out of the banks, keep only what is needed to pay bills. Buy gold and silver and sell it not. Most of all stop watching the market numbers. ..we in the know have stopped looking at market indicators for we know there is no fix only a parabolic collapse. So please stop watching what the market Is doing get out of your funds and be prepared. I have said many times that the market is screaming for war and that is where we are heading. I will provide more info soon on a later date till then God speed


Dec 17, 2012

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