The targeting of Alex Jones and Infowars is just the beginning.FROM FEDERAL LEO AND MARINE-

High Valued Targets for the Left.

-Trump and his family
-Trump supporters
High Ranking Military and Government Supporters
-Evangelical Figures who used thier media platforms to speak out against the left
- Stock Market
-Social Media Platforms who support Trump and chrsitian conservatives
-The Police
-Ethnic Communities
-The US Financial Systems
-National Commerce Industries like trucking

Just to name a few.

When I start to think about it and I think about Civil War and how it will be started again. It comes to mind that the object of the left is the same as the goals of all communist countries and it always turns out the same way. There has to be a false flag attack followed by fake news followed by a revolutionary movement followed by the outing of high political figures which will also be followed by various attempts of a governmental coup.They will either succeed or fail.

The Dynamics for all of these things are already in motion and have been in play since Obama came to the White House and attempted to destroy the fundamentals of our country.

What we now see going on in the streets of Berkeley California and Portland Oregon are the beta test. And it proves the point that a dumbed down population, with nothing better to do and no strenuous job to keep them busy has given birth to a young generation of Americans who now have the unique opportunity to openly Rebel and be embraced by society. What you see unfolding has been happening since the hippie movement in the 60s. We've all spoken of this before for many years but now the left has finally come out to show their true face---- communism.

Surely, in this Twisted society that we live in, now we see that you are either falling on the left or you're falling on the right. There is no in between anymore. Families are literally being torn apart due to their differing political perspectives.

Myself and many other operators have talked frequently about how we think a civil war / coup could happen. Even though this seems far-fetched this is proven to happen multiple times in history and it goes a little something like this. A national figure Rises up against the establishment like Trump. As a result the entire political balance gets thrown hard to the right and the secret societies and the Deep state the wealthy who are in control of this country see now that they're slowly too quickly losing control and they are now also at risk of possible incarceration under maybe a RICO Act. If the rumors of signed indictments are true, then you have 14,000 deep state individuals with various degrees of political power and prowess that are at risk of going to prison for life. Do you really think those people are going to allow themselves to be taken alive? I don't think so I think they will pull out all the stops in order to save their hide. We considered a few things.

How would it start and how could it end. If you were the main political power of a country and the people rose up against you and there was no escaping this judgment what stops would you pull in order to flee. Would you take down the national power grid by either a high-altitude nuclear explosion causing an electromagnetic pulse? Or how about using cyber terrorism to take down the national power grid of the East Coast knowing that within a matter of maybe hours the West Coast will also go down considering the fact that the East Coast and West Coast Power grids are linked together in the middle.

How about this-- let's say you're a an acting US general and you secretly aligned with the left and the Deep state and you had a certain amount of troops that you could trust that you could pay off to help you commit a heinous act by either assassinating political and religious figures or by trying to help a deep State member flea to safety. What could very easily happen during that kind of situation is it you could even have a US general who under his jurisdiction has a nuclear warhead silo captured and threatens to use it against the US government or you can even have multiples of these scenarios. Even if it was just a bluff to try and get the sitting US president to step down you would be giving the United Nations and the NATO allies an excuse to invade the perfect excuse would be that America the world's strongest nation has finally gone Rogue and there are rogue factions Albia terrorist cells within the government's military that have taken over possible nuclear ordinances. You would force the hands of the rest of the world and their militaries to converge down on top of us. That is just one scenario one of many as Extreme as it may sound, that are already planned for. Now I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I have read the government's scenario and reaction based plans and there are plans like that in there.

If you consider that high ranking military figures and high-ranking government agents are in full support of overthrowing the sitting US president and have been on various social media and news platforms giving the green light to go against Trump then consider this. Besides coming up with a theoretical View of War on the streets, rioting and martial law ponder this. What happens when a general sides with the left and the Deep state and goes against the president the Constitution and the United States itself. I know that there is a possibility and it's a possibility maybe even a battalion level of a military that will try and break off from itself and side Allegiance with the left.

If you don't think that is possible then I suggest you re-examine what happened during the Reichstag fires and look at what the secret police and the Nazi co-conspirators accomplished.An entire nation was able to be brainwashed in order to turn itself against certain populations of its country put them in camps and exterminate them like vermin and then turn on the other nations that were their neighbors and conquer them.

The way they did it was by controlling the media and the youth of the nation. Hitler and Joseph Goebbels were able to control the radio stations and feed propaganda and fake news everyday until the point that a dumb down population with not very much knowledge we're completely overwhelmed and did the bidding of Hitler Remember not all of them went along with the Nazi party and those who were found not to go along with the Nazi party were visited by the secret police in the middle of the night and were shot in the street and left there for everyone to see as a warning. Ladies and gentlemen that was only in the 1930s and 40s that was not that long ago there is no one right now and their right mind that would say it can't happen again.

Iran, North Korea, Cuba China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq Syria Mexico AND Venezuela I'm sure I'm missing a couple more countries but those are third world countries to an extent that are on such a political and balance that it only take a feather to send these countries in to complete distraught if they aren't there already. Not all of them were due to Communism or fascism or socialism somewhere done on a religious basis..This shows that communism is completely against God. Muslims are completely against Jesus and the Jewish people. And socialism thinks it is the darling of the Communist Party which is now called the Democratic Party. Isn't it funny that the Democrats align themselves with all the other countries that are failing financially they're failing when it comes to a respect of human well-being and respect of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Democratic Party is against the Constitution. The Democratic Party has taken sides with the Throne of Satan. They support a massive Invasion by radicals and criminals. The Democratic Party has become America's biggest enemy. We like to think that terrorism and communism are the biggest Boogeyman, but honestly if you combine terrorism and communism that is what supports the Democratic Party. Prove me wrong. That's not to say that there is not Republican party members who aren't also being paid by the same Democratic parties and who align themselves behind the scenes with the Democrats.

Aug 9, 2018

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