In the name of the Father, Son , and Holy Spirit. History, per a deep placed doc,
Could very well repeat itself as our sun acts up. 159 yrs ago, the “Carrington effect” sun storm
Took place with the developed pulse that hit the world and fried all the then set up electrical
Systems so badly that it burned up everything , wiring, etc. Per the scientific document put out
A couple of months ago, scientists have studied other stars like ours, and these occurrences to
Happen on a timed basis. We, our sun, is due for another such event. It would take out all tech,
Not just digital crap, analog included, it was that strong. A nuke emp would not be as strong as this.
The scientists, the intel communities, of all the powers know this. That is just one reason, of many, why evil is
Going for all now. They know their time is short and the method of using the “pride of technology” to tempt and
Cause the downfall of so many humans will be no more. The first sin , that of pride, and now that which has
Overcome so many, will thus once again lead to the eternal choice of many unto their eternal damnation. Evil men
Are using “technology” to behave and act as if they are “almighty”. This WILL be removed by the real and true
Almighty Power of God, in His time and His way. So sayeth the Lord. No one knows the day nor the hour, but it
Shall come to pass. Evil man will not be permitted to destroy God’s Holy and Good Creation nor be allowed to take
The souls of all. Jesus came to offer repentance, to redeem the human race, and , He will come again to claim His own.
Evil WILL be destroyed once and for all. All Glory and praise be to the Father , Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus is Lord, now
And forever. So be it.
Time is getting short, man must repent of their evil pride, and other sins, for they know not the day nor the hour they
Will be called to go before He Who is a Just Judge. Those who refuse the Mercy of God will seal by their own choice their

As always, take it before the Lord Jesus, as to accept or not. Please let me know if you get this, evil hates the Truth.
Your brother in our Savior, Jesus.

Sep 3, 2018

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