RAND PAULS WIFE:"I Now Keep A Loaded Gun By My Bed" - We Are Not Heading Toward Civil War, We Are Already Fighting It! Prepare Now Because it Is Going To Get Far Worse

FROM FEDERAL LEO OFFICER ACTIVE:This is so sad to see the government, that my brothers and sisters in the military have fought an died for, become a den of snakes willing to deal a death blow to anyone that doesn't slither on their bellies like them. The Democrats have declared war on the nation, the Constitution, the President and his constituents, the American patriots who won't bow down and be defeated and the freedom and fairness that our country used to stand for.

You serpents will not succeed. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maine Waters, Cory Booker and the other Democratic parties officials, you have furthered this war. Obama and Hillary got it started but you Democrats, you just won't stop until this country is torn apart.

I warn you, just as history has warned the world, do not mess with the Patriots of America. You serpents in suits, who play this deadly game of words, you will ultimately be to blame for what takes place. Your asses are on the line now. You will feel this heat come November. No matter what mass protest, riots, attacks or assassinations your party will commit or attempt, you will never defeat the spirit of our patriotism. I know that scares you the most.

Your new world order will never succeed. Your anti-christ will never champion over the glory of Jesus. You know that this gamble your playing, will never pay out.

To those of you on the left. How long will you continue to let these tyrants stand on your shoulders, keep you beaten down, flip your normal world upside and destroy our country? Have you not read your history? I suggest you drop the gender studies text and pick up a history book instead.

One last word of warning for the leftist extremist who would dare to harm your neighbor or official that voted differently than you. There will be a wall built. A wall made of bodies, of those who come to harm those innocents, built by We the People who will stand to protect the innocent, the Constitution, and of these United States of America.

Choose you this day whom you will serve.

Oct 4, 2018

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