The Father spoke again;
Watch the changing weather patterns and the tracking thereof; as these impact the caravan.

Weather patterns will affect the advancing "immagrant carvan/unruly mob; demanding (illegal) entrance into the United States Of America.”
They consider this as their legal human right to escape poverty, oppression from their own governments, violence, etc., which they are also bringing with them to unleash upon America.

America, thus being the country they love to hate and so desperately desire to change into their own cultures and images of what freedom means to them. They will declare, ”The hell with America and Americans. we are coming and you cannot stop us!”

Watch the weather! It will be used with, "the cry to save us from disaster. Have a humanitarian heart and do the right thing and have mercy upon us! Think of our women and children!”

They will use the United Nations as their "Trump Card," to demonstrate and show the world how heartless and “how awfully terrible America — and the American people really are.”

**IF this is NOT STOPPED ..America will be at civil war, within the US, before Christmas. All of this is being timed for the Mid-Term elections as, "the October Surprise."

It is being funded by many Socialists, Leftists or Communists, and backed by the Black Shirts of Antifa (akin to Nazism's Brown Shirts prior to Adolf Hitler's takeover).

Our beloved America is at her Rubicon and history will judge America as ruled by her United States Constitution; or ruled by an unruly mob and pernicious authorities.

A previously mentioned false flag IED attack may also very well be detonated among this hoard heading towards America's southern border; if so, the insanity of the Progressive Left will be.. and or will become, unstoppable.

It will mean all out civil war; with thousands killed, wounded, maimed before 31 December 2018. May God Almighty have and show great mercy upon our beloved homeland of America!

Russia, China, Noth Korea, and Muslim nations are waiting with, "baited breath, waiting to pounce upon the “Great Satan” and her hatred rivalries.

They know this is the long awaited moment to take down and destroy America...They Will Not Waste This."

**If NOT stopped is the caveat

Oct 21, 2018

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