WORD FROM ACTIVE DUTY FEDERAL LEO:Don't get caught by surprise when you go to vote and hunt the wolf because the wolf is always hunting you.

I realize how dictators are able to secure power. Deliver nonsense in the correct manner, enough and people will believe and follow without questioning it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you see before you a world this is drastically changing and reverting back to a mindset that was stirred up by Hitler and the fascists regimes of the 1900s. Brainwashing is well under way and my God, how it has worked so effectively to me is still mind blowing.

I encourage you to all vote for the Christian based Congressman/Senators who are ethical and Constitution Based for which and how it was written and meant to be implied. Don't let Hollywood steal this moment with their actors. Don't left the Democratic Party shame you into a vote.

Democrats support open borders, the dismemberment of ICE, taking away the Second Amendment of the Constitution, they do not support Law Enforcement unless it is for their need to rule over you, they support unconstitutional anti Christian laws, they believe and support the New World Order agenda and finally, they have convinced many "Republican" leaders to support the mission statement of the Leftist and are actively inserted into a race to steal your vote. I implore you, pray about whomever you are voting for and let God show you the correct candidate.

Beware of wolves in suits. Forget the sheep's clothing, these are corporate/executive wolves whose standard is to bare their teeth and attack anything that supports a free country. Research who backs those whom are running for a political office and expose the evil that you find while we are still allowed to. Social Media is a battle ground, so fight smart and becareful, these wolves hunt in packs. They are called Antifa/BLM/SJW and they are the lesser of the pack, trying to please their leaders for a few scraps on the carcass. America is the would be carcass. These United States of America are their prey, you the Patriots are on the menu.

The Joker said it best "I'll show you, when the chips are down, these civillized people, they'll eat each other". What a strong statement, maybe read a Bible once and stole a verse from it. These people who wish to destroy this country, this is the "zombie horde" we have been warned of. I'll give you a good quote that I told my wife and I tell the boys I serve with. "Never underestimate the depravity of man." Can't remember where I heard that from but man has it stuck with me.

Well, everyone please vote but do it smart. Get in and get out. Don't pick up anything that you didn't bring with you. Don't linger where a large group of potential victims are standing. Observe your surroundings and when you park your vehicle, before you get out, stop and look for someone who maybe watching you or maybe watching the crowds of people. That person maybe a potential threat. A wolf, stalking the sheep before it strikes.

So go with God, and stay true to His word. Give all thanks to Christ Jesus and let the Holy Spirit dwell in your heart. Don't get caught by surprise when you go to vote and hunt the wolf because the wolf is always hunting you.

Oct 24, 2018

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