Dear Brother Steve

Once again, thank you for your tireless efforts.

I wanted to share to you some news stories I am sure you are aware of, but if not perhaps you can be equipped with this information:

Breaking news today from a local news team (Carte Blanche) – Julius Malema (EFF) is directly linked to the coordination and execution of farm attacks / murders
EFF are either supporting or arranging ‘rallies’ all around the country – attached is a video of them in our newest and largest mall in Africa – in Kyalami Gauteng on Friday last week (16.11)
The EFF are still calling on an uprising against ‘whites’ – not even just limited to Farmers. They mood is simmering – EFF are clearly being invigorated (read funded)
Julius Malema has been voted on the Parliamentary ‘ethics’ committee – and will now preside over such matters as the theft from VBS bank.
The BLF – or Black Land First are also now calling for a civil uprising and the forceful / violent taking of property from ‘whites’
The land ‘theft’ Bill appears to be going right ahead – this is despite overwhelming presentations to the committee ‘investigating’ the proposal.
We have (unconfirmed) news that there are ‘caravans’ (read busses) of foreigners are being bussed to Hermanus (this is a Western Cape town under Democratic Alliance)
i. [ there is a rumour this is Soros Funded)
There is possibly some veracity in this as we now learn from the Hermanus Times that there has been the appearance of a SANDF base that has been set up there with Military presence – the below is extracted (this is patent nonsense – they suddenly policing Perlemon Poaching with the SANDF .. this has been going on decades and nothing was ever done .. why now ? / what about the Rhino’s .. ya right!!)
i. Hermanus Times
The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have set up base camp in Gansbaai Harbour. The main aim of Operation Corona, explained Colonel Keith Aarons (Commanding Officer from the Joint Tactical Headquarters Western Cape), is to conduct maritime border safeguarding operations to protect the country's marine resources against illegal harvesting and to prevent any boats and divers in the area from going out to sea to conduct illegal activities. Within the space of two weeks Operation Corona has already confiscated 1 374 abalone and diving gear valued at R67 000 and made 11 arrests.
We have been informed that Eskom (National Electricity) has only 20 days of coal remaining – despite this bonus’s were paid (CEO earns R7million per annum)
The Chinese are now taking even menial jobs in Zambia
We run a trucking business – apparently in Zambia the locals are not been given jobs on mines, these are going to Chinese
Chinese presence in Zimbabwe includes surface to air missiles
Chines are now reportedly in Botswana (I also heard that US Military were there – but that is unconfirmed – it may be that they were Chinese troops (that makes more sense but is a guess).
Heard today that there are now tent encampments appearing on Namibian coastline – they are foreign speaking (not sure what they are doing but its presumed they may be ‘mining’ surface diamonds.

Nov 18, 2018

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