Catarina, Tx 1/17/2019
In the last 3 days, we have had 2 major bailouts on our ranch. They both involved coyote haulers using stolen vehicles out of San Antoni...o. The first one tried to ram down our main padlocked gate, but then busted through a pasture fence when agents were hot on their tail. The second vehicle ended up crashing through our neighbors fence after they attempted to bust through ours. This is happening EVERY single day down in South Texas and the ranchers are left to pay for the damage. I wish the rest of the United States could come down and see that this has turned into a full fledged cartel business. If you don’t know the details of how all of this works, let me map it out for you......
1. The cartel has complete control of the Rio Grande River ( our Tx border) and they charge EVERY single illegal immigrant a minimum of $5,000 to cross the river.
2. Once they cross, they travel through OUR ranch land / cities to make it to their destination. A lot of the women are raped as they prepare to cross.
3. There are usually people on the US side ( illegals and citizens) that get paid to pick up drug loads and or illegals. There’s a lot of money at stake. If illegals don’t pay full amount upon arrival , they are held in stash houses that are all over Texas!
What part of this makes sense to anyone????
These illegals do not come with warning labels when we drive up on them being loaded into vehicles on our property. Our neighboring ranch foreman was shot at for driving up on an illegal exchange. The other day we had up to 100 illegals from 6 different countries running through our property, we have driven up on dead bodies, our gate guards have been threatened, local schools have had to go into lockdown, windows have been broken, large groups hiding in brush, illegals sleeping in barns, and we can’t leave the house without a gun by our side. There are only a few of us to tell our stories. The coyote haulers are getting clever and are spray painting their trucks to look like oil field workers, so we have no idea who is on our property. Please listen to what’s happening on our South Texas Border. How do we fix this? I bet I could ask a group of 3rd graders and they would have an answer for me tomorrow. Please pray for our Border Patrol agents, because they are in the middle of this BIG political mess! It shouldn’t be political, it’s our country that’s being invaded!!!! We have rules EVERYWHERE else that we go, why is this even acceptable? #frustrated
*Just added more pics for everyone that says these stories are fake. When this stuff happens every day, it doesn’t always make the local news. Thanks for sharing my post

Jan 20, 2019

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