We are moving steadily in the direction of destruction,
The majority ignoring any warning, ignoring all instruction.
The bodies of children and the souls of men suffer abduction,
And the world moves forward in the direction of destruction.

Did you see the signs posted along the way?
Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin is what they say.
By the message of truth none seem to be swayed,
And in the direction of destruction we continue to stay.

To stand aside and allow unrestrained murder in the womb,
To deny these tiny flowers even the opportunity to bloom
Has tainted the ground and made the earth a worldwide tomb,
And the direction of destruction will lead us to our doom.

A mother kills her ten-year-old child and states,
“This is not murder, but abortion; I just decided late,”
And the 25 civilizations of history that sacrificed their own
Don’t compare to the direction of destruction we have known.

To embrace the lies as though they were truth is our practice,
And too many who are called are voiceless because they are backless.
It is time to grow a spine and forget all political correctness,
For the direction of destruction is leading to an eternal blackness.

Men of conviction are condemned for having an opposing opinion,
And the powers that want to be send out their evil minions
To either kill or harass any opposition to secure their own dominion,
And the direction of destruction makes a nation become a prison.

The divide between the people is getting wider every day;
The media owns the minds of men controlling them by what they say.
A devastating total world war seems to be racing on its way;
Even Russia says America’s direction of destruction was furthered today.

Our direction has done irreparable damage to the economy,
While GMO’s have utterly destroyed our agronomy.
Will the great “disclosure” change our perception of astronomy?
This direction of destruction is repeated history; we’re not living an anomaly.

Our robot Overlords have long been designed,
Ready to take over when AI has been refined.
And to the Artilect wars our future has been resigned,
And the direction of destruction by technology has been aligned.

Every thought of man, as in the days of Noah, is now profane;
The is no action, no deed, no desire that is abstained.
The primary goal of this generation is material wealth and social fame,
And continuing in this direction of destruction will prove to be our bane.

Education has become a center for liberalism, socialism and indoctrination,
While globally, fools ignore the Islamafication of the nations.
Masculinity is under fierce attack and suffering castration,
And the direction of destruction has reached its term of gestation.

We will not be destroyed by the enemy without, or even an EMP;
We will be destroyed by the enemy within–a deadly CMP.
The quest of world leaders is to have Control, Money and Power,
And the direction of destruction has led us to the final hour.

There is a way that seems right to a man but the end leads to destruction;
But to the plans of destruction, God has placed His own Son as an obstruction.
By repentance we can be made like Him and through Jesus find incorruption;
It requires that we deny the seduction to follow the direction of destruction.

by randy conway

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”
Proverbs 16:25

Feb 6, 2019

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