CONSIDER:.Spetznatz, approximately 400 from what we know, are there in Venezuela. What are their specialties in again? Taking down power grids.....

America threatens Venezuela with a regime change. Venezuela gets a reinforced Spetznatz guard to protect Maduro. Regime change on the people's behalf is weak and non effective, and no one seems to want to assassinate him from the inside.

US threatens invasion, Maduro calls the US bluff. US tries to push AID into Venezuela and hopes its convoys gets fired upon or destroyed with Hope's of lives lost, which gives a military intervention a very high probability and support from other countries.

That doesn't work either....then the power goes out in Venezuela. Deep State Marco Rubio tweets "I accidentally hit the EMP button"...40 hours later, main stepdown stations are blown up.

They dont just blow up. Some body, gave the green light to start phase of a pre-eminent invasion.

Phase 1, kill the economy with sanctions.

Phase 2, label leader as a ruthless dictator.

Phase 3, implementation of controversial regime change that is lead by the CIA and gain support from allies.

Phase 4, threaten military intervention if regime change is comprised.

Phase 5, start false flage operations and mass public disturbances, i.e. Riot, looting, assassination attempts, turn the public against the military and law enforcement, turn the military and law enforcement against the government, turn the military and law enforcement against each other.

Phase 6, start of invasion operations procedures. Take down of all localized communication assets. Take down power grid and destroy all power infrastructure assets. Compromise hospitals abilities to treat casualties and destroy commerce.

Phase 7, depending on how effective Phase 6 was, take a tactical pause and observe and gain intelligence of local troop movements with the affected regions.

Phase 8, Aerial invasion. Aerial bombardments of hardened military facilities, war factories, police departments, SAM sites and harbors. Deliberate Aerial attacks on persons of high value, i.e. drone strikes.

Phase 9, Land invasion.

Phase 10, Freedom for the suppressed peoples of the nation and seizing of all minerals and oil.

Question is, would the Russians assist us and if so, why? Can our special operations forces take down the power grid just as we are witnessing now? Of course they can. Could this be an inside job from the Venezuelans? Yes it could be. Unfortunately, we may not know but we know for certain is this. The power grid, take down the power grid, and the nation will fall. After that, speaking only for America, our lack of being able to overcome true poverty our extreme complacency, will be the biggest killers.

Your unwillingness to prepare, your pain and suffering and possible death, after all the warnings, will be of your own doing.

Please make preparations, any kind. Beans, bullets and bandaidz. Have a way to defend yourself, feed yourself, clean yourself, warm and shelter yourself and medicate yourself if sick or injured. Dont forget your bible.

God be with you and may God provide for you. Jesus we need you.

Mar 10, 2019

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