The final hourglass

Do my people realise the time that is at hand,
Do they wear my armour that will enable to withstand?
Or will they be taken by surprise in this final hour and be afraid and start to cower.
Have they noticed that time has picked up its pace and that weeks go by without a trace.
Or are they walking about staring at their phone in hand, like the unwise ostrich with its head in the sand.
As the sun did set on the drunken man on the porch, who fell asleep clutching his torch.
And the last thing that he did see , was the disappearing sun go behind a tree. The man woke up in that very same place, squinted his eyes with the sun on his face.
Wondering since he sat there how many hours had past, thinking to himself time had gone too fast.
Do not be caught out like a man such as he,
but be on your guard and as sober minded as can be.

Apr 24, 2019

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