I was told to read this by some senior BP (BORDER PATROL) agents who are about to retire. It has to do with all the corruption down here, even a FBI SAC special agent in charge was on the payroll and CBP Port Director.NOTE- SAIC-IS FBI, 'SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE'

I have a bad feeling about today

Were already past 150 illegals before 10am. This is non stop Dave. If all the border towns are catching as many as we are here, I would estimate 200,000 a month or more if this keeps up maybe even close to a million total. Could be close to that. All sectors are averaging 500 to 1000 a day from I was told by a senior BP supervisor. He said the numbers are that DC get aren't a fraction of what we really have. Not counting the Northern border.

We can not sustain this. BP is deporting as much as they can, but it's not making a dent. For 50 they deport 500 show up. I would dare say, the number of illegals that DC tells the media is purposely being deflated to make it not appear as bad. The majority are from Guatemala and Honduras. And they are all being coached to say the same thing when they turn themselves in. "Catching" would not be the proper term, we call then
"turn ins" because 98% of them walk right over to where we are sitting and turn themselves over to us. So many children.

Also, these people will rent their children, under the age of 10 most of the time, to single adults who then claim them as their own, then when they make it through the system and get away from the border, they fly the children back to the adults and the process starts over again. There was one little boy, my daughters age about 5 or 6, that has been documented being here 4 times.

We need the wall. We need judges to prosecute and deport them. We just need our laws on the books to be enforced.

May 25, 2019

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