You will not find this in the News but We live in Honduras. the last 10 days have been riots all over the country closing the main road. Today they burned 100+ semi trailers of food while there where waiting in line from the protest. They are warning people to stock up on food since the supply chain has been cut.
This is all from the President and his shady dealings to get rich that they will privatize all public schools and hospitals. The government has not paid the teachers in months and they are now going to charge everyone to go to public school., People can not afford free public school with materials and uniforms and such now so more kids are not going to go to school next year. the presidents family has already fled the country from the violence. Teachers, students, nurses and doctors are in the non violent protests but that just gives the gangs a reason to burn semis full of food and supplies that are in need around the country.
No wonder people are risking their lives by the 100,000 to get to the states and leave this unlawful country.
Just thought you might ant to know something that the MSM will not tell you.

Jun 2, 2019

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