Dear Mr. Quayle:

Thank you for all you do for the kingdom of Christ.

I was listening to a broadcast from Sheila Zillinsky from January of 2018 which featured you as a guest. Towards the end of the broadcast, you mention children who are seeing Jesus in dreams and He is forewarning these kids of the upcoming wars with giants and demons and how they need not be afraid.

This brings up an interesting topic - the personal revelation of Jesus Christ to the relatively unchurched children in our society. There was a time when everybody knew the reference to David and Goliath - whether they were a “card carrying Christian” or not. Those days seem to be gone now, as the typical man-on-the-street (or student-on-the-university-campus) have little or no familiarity with the Biblical narrative regarding anything. This is even true of some who were raised in Christian homes but who never attended Sunday School, or if they did all they were taught was social relativism and evolutionary theory and the Bible as mythos.

Currently, I’ve had dropped in my lap (sort of) two girls in their teens who have been unschooled and unchurched. Both of these girls’ parents are drug addicts.

These girls had to be removed from the public schools, as the public schools here in Tennessee, are literally war zones where all females are considered “prey” (yes, even the teachers) and they’d both been raped in their respective schools.(nothing was done to the rapists) - as per the usually school policy here of pretending nothing bad happens and counseling the victims and their families to try homeschooling or private education.)

The girls of whom I speak didn’t even have Bibles when they came to me three months ago. (They have Bibles now, as I pick up spare Bibles at thrift stores and keep them in my bookcase for giving away to people I meet who need a Bible of their own.)

These girls have an unusual knowledge of the Truth - they seem to instinctively know it when they see it; they have a complete trust in Jesus Christ. They say they don’t “believe” He exists, they “know” He exists. A grandparent had told them when things got bad to pray to Jesus, or to pray to God the father in Jesus’ name. These girls say He answered them a few times in the past and saved their lives - they even have seen Him when they were small and hiding from some nonsense that was going on in their drug ridden home.

I believe these girls completely. I am a teacher by vocation, and I can spot a fib a mile away especially with kids and teens. These girls are telling the absolute truth and are sopping up Christian teaching like sponges (one of them is 16, the other is 18). Incidentally, the spiritual warfare that has made itself blatantly known at this time is incredible - it would seem that the evil one and company don’t want these girls to be tutored by me (pr anyone, if their maternal grandmother’s accounts are correct and she is not a woman given to exaggeration). So we stay prayerful and persistent, ignoring the frustrations and odd goings on that occur trying to prevent their education. (Yet one more problem with the video game generation - they are being hypnotized by the video games and waste precious hours, days, weeks, months and years in sitting idly in front of a video screen of some sort, yet few have seen a sunrise or sunset even! Needless to say, almost nobody is getting an education these days - but they all are proficient in their knowledge of pop culture.

At any rate, I thought you of all people would be the person that would appreciate the history of this situation.

I remain prayerful and feel very blessed to know these girls and to have come across you and your work. Blessings to you and yours, sir.



Jun 3, 2019

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