Let's Talk About The Neighbors And Family-The truth is that nobody knows how they will react in a survival situation until they are in it

Let's Talk About The Neighbors And Family

This is a tricky subject. People you know and trust could turn on you in a heartbeat in a survival situation. Others that you don't have thetime of day for could turn out to be your greatest ally. The truth is that nobody knows how they will react in a survival situation until
they are in it. If you've never been there, you don't know about yourself, so how can you be certain about other people? It is amazing how many people who seem to have it all together will either freeze or panic when things suddenly spin out of control.That is one
advantage veterans have. We've been there and done that. To us it is not a great unknown. I'll tell you now that when tshtf that is going to make us look like uncaring and unfeeling monsters. The truth is the exact opposite. We care very much, that's why we served in the
first place. The fact is because we have been there, we know the kind of hard choices that are going to have be made and the will to make them no matter how we may feel about it. By caring for the group the decision MUST be made as to who is in and who is out. Who will benefit the groups chances of survival and who will be blood sucking leaches.

History is full of examples of what I mean, even in The Bible. Absalom betrayed his father David to gain the throne of Israel. In more recent times, V. I. Lenin had his partner Trotsky killed after the Russian revolution. Hitler rose to power because of the 'Brown Shirts' and their commander Ernst Rolm. Once Hitler was in power, Rolm was killed, and the Brown Shirts became the S.S. loyal to Hitler and him only. We've all heard of countless examples of this kind of thing. But now we are talking close to home. Unless you have been super careful, your neighbors know more about you than you think. Do you go hunting? Do they know that? Then they know you have weapons. When things go south they are going to turn to you to either provide them with protection or to try to talk you out of a weapon so they can hopefully defend themselves. But have they ever even held a firearm before, let alone being skilled in their use, care and feeding? Probably not. So if you put a weapon in their hands and the wrong person gets killed in a moment of panic , mistaken identity or just by accident wouldn't that make you somewhat responsible for what happened?

Okay, when the trouble first breaks out and you refuse to loan or give them a weapon, and then when guns are outlawed, as they will be, don't you think they will remember that and maybe make an anonymous call just to get a little payback? Have you found a way to keep what you have and thought up a plausible story as to why you no longer have any firearms to tell the government types when they show up looking for them? Things to consider now rather than later.

What about Uncle George or Aunt Mary? You know those family members that have always had their nose in the air and EXPECT you to care for them, "Just until things settle down". They have no intention of actually working to help out. After all they are your guest. You are SUPPOSED to take care of them in the manner to which they have become accustomed. (YES I have a few of those myself.) Besides they aren't from around here. They don't know anyone but you, so how could they get a job to help out? For than matter with all the trouble in the streets, what kind of job could they get? And do you REALLY expect them to risk life and limb for the sake of a few dollars? Anyway, you have plenty of food stashed away, you can handle an extra mouth or two for however long it takes for things to get back to normal.

What about the guy at the office? You know the one who always says, "Well, if anything bad happens I'll just come and stay with you". Of course that means he's bringing his wife and three kids with him.

These are the choices you will be making. Who do you help and who do you turn away, no matter how you feel or how much you may genuinely care for them. Will they dig in and help out, or bleed you dry while sitting back and doing nothing? Well, I don't know your family, friends or neighbors. I know mine, but not yours. I know who I will help because I know which ones can and will help and which ones won't.

I once knew a guy who was real big on talking about his right to keep and bare arms. He swore he would be out front when it came time to take to the streets to protest to keep that right. (Usually it is these kinds of people that instead of being in front and saying 'follow me!', they will actually be in back shouting 'Charge!') However he had zero skills when it came to things like finding game, emergency medical treatment, growing food or anything else. He also had no desire to learn these skills. Then one day he let it slip that if things went bad, "I'll just come over and take your stuff". I haven't spoken to him in years. The only clue I have to offer is to observe people now. The way they behave now is the way they will behave later, only worse. Desperate times make people do desperate things and as I've already said, people are creatures of habit. They will do what has worked before until it doesn't work any longer. Those people who whine, cry, complain and try to wheedle you into doing things for them now, will do it later ant they will use the situation to try to convince you that you simply MUST help them. When you don't, expect them to make that phone call. The sad fact is it is probable the day will come when you will bury empty cans in your back yard at night, to keep others from knowing what you have. Start thinking seriously about friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers now. When it all starts to come down it is going to be a little late to think about it then.

Jul 28, 2019

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