I heard in a mil briefing that nano is making the earth super hydrophobic with the earth and vegetation being desiccated, repelling water. I am seeing this real time on the farm here.

Why does this matter? With the deluge of precipitation due to the cosmic ray nucleation joining with man made and volcanic particulates the earth will no longer absorb the water. Plants will die because they cannot get water and flooding is going to be very severe. We were preparing for this eventuality before I left. See blow. God sends two types of rain upon the earth gersham (nourishing rain) and mater (Providential rain of judgment).

Remember, the NASA warfare strategies document that these nano particulates are highly explosive. As the sky moves and ignites so does the earth. Leading up to the earth being destroyed by the fire of judgment. See attached.

From an article I did and you posted about 10 years ago.
The very pillars holding Heaven held fast in the ocean are not made with copper, nor with iron, gold or silver, but with pillars of water.

In this marvelous place two kinds of rain are formed, the geshem and matar. It is from high in the atmosphere that the providential rains of God are formed and fall upon the earth.

Why is this important? We need to understand that half the total weight of the atmosphere is located within 3.5 miles or 18480 feet of the earth's surface. Half of the remaining half is located in the next layer of 3.5 miles, and so on. Accordingly 90% of the atmosphere is within 10 miles of the surface of the earth (the troposphere). This zone contains nearly 75% of our air and nearly all the water vapor. Hence our weather-the movement of air currents, condensation of water vapor into the form of clouds, rain, snow, and thunderbolts, according to the wondrous laws that the Almighty has established is almost entirely a phenomenon that occurs in the troposphere. As you will see, it is pertinent that the temperature of the air falls off at quite a constant pace with elevation until the top of the troposphere is reached. Up to 30 miles above the earth's crust satellites have shown thermal and electrically charged atomic particles. Above 50 miles up is the ionosphere where the air is very thin and there are layers of various small charged ions. Under certain conditions the hydrogen and oxygen combine to form the rains of blessing. Rains that are blessed would be electrically charged having beneficial effects on farm produce. If all rain drops are the same charge they would repulse each other and not touch one another. In a matar rain no two drops touch one another.

The clouds draw their water from the seas it is said, He causes vapor to ascend from the ends of the earth. And wherever the King sends them they provide geshem rain. The earth is then impregnated and blossoms-like a widow who has become pregnant from illicit relations. But when God desires to give of His blessings to the earth in a special way, He uncovers His good treasure in the heavens-the matar rain falls to the ground. This rain is a special envoy from God. Geshem rain is natural rain can be tampered with and polluted as we shall soon see. Matar rain is providential rain and comes from the abundant pool above heavens arch.

Jul 30, 2019

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