Hi Steve I just wanted to contact you in regards to the eyewitnesses that
seen the falling stars. I live in Visalia, Ca and last Friday I was sitting
on my porch talking on the phone around 9pm and when I looked up I saw a
star falling that was so bright and close. It apeared to fall straight to
the ground. I remember stopping mid sentence when talking to my dad on the
phone, he asked me what was wrong because I stated oh my what was that??? I
told him what I saw and told him it looked so close I was expecting to hear
airbus soon. But nothing came. Before I even read the two eyewitness q
alerts I knew something felt very unsettling about that star. I listen to
you and follow your site daily as well as Russ Dizdar, Tom Horn, La
Marzulli and Gary Stearman. I have had a discernment in my heart for quiet
sometime about the evil presences in our world. I believe that today was a
day something has truly been unleashed here on earth. I am a hair stylist
and listen to many people's views throughout my day, so many laughed about
today and joked well were still here. As I listened I kept thinking "yes we
are, but who else is here??" I pray that people wake up. God Bless you for
the time and effort you put into trying to bring people to The Lord in this
very trying time we live in. -Nett

Dec 22, 2012

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