Take a look at the world we live in right now. Then ask yourself, can you really afford to allow this practice time to slip by until you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you really need to know how to do these things?

Practice Now

In the Army we are taught to train the way we are going to fight. If we do that now, when everything goes sideways, we are going to do what we should just out of habit. The same is true for you and me now. I'm not talking about fighting, I'm talking about avoiding the fight and/or detection. Let's say that you notice that the concrete barricades are being moved into your area, or perhaps they are near entry and exit ramps on the nearby interstate. Do you know how to use back roads to get out of town or from point A. to point B. without using the interstate or other main roads? Probably not. So practice. Get a "back roads atlas" and mark out a route to get you where you want to go and see how long it's going to take to get you there. My back roads atlas is made by Delorme and shows every highway, road, jeep trail and cow path in the state. (And for our reader in the U.K. I'm sorry Jenny, you'll have to find out for yourself if they make them for Great Britain.) This atlas also shows other things I've mentioned. You remember, railroad tracks, gas pipelines and major power lines. All of which offer a way to get around while avoiding detection.

But now I must throw a kink in the works. You may well not be the only person who has noticed the barricades being readied for placement. That means the route you planned may have additional traffic on it. Have you planned an alternate route? Do you have any idea of how much longer it is going to take you to reach the place you are going and have you planned on things like food, water and bathroom breaks? DON"T be afraid of scratching up the paint or putting dings in the car. That can be fixed later if things calm down. But taking the easy way is what is going to be expected by those who are looking for you. So go ahead, take a weekend off NOW and do a little exploring. Have a plan or three ready against the day you need them.

Even soldiers are trained to always have an escape route planned ahead of time in case they run into a enemy unit with more men and firepower than they have.

Practice now with the bow, crossbow, slingshot or atlatl. When you are in the woods hungry and wanting anything to eat, practice is something you are going to wish you had taken the time for. Practice now in sharpening you knives. I don't expect anyone to do like my father taught me. Dad always said that if you can't shave with it, it isn't sharp. To prove a point to our Boy Scout Troop, I once watched him shave the hair off of his leg with a hatchet. He didn't always keep it that sharp, but the point was made and we never forgot it. But a sharp knife is a MUST. A couple of sharp knives is a very good idea. But like everything else I've mentioned it takes time and practice to gain these skills. Take some time, watch a few videos to learn how to put a proper edge on a knife and then don't believe you know how. Sit down with a dull knife and make it sharp with a good sharpening stone. You won't have to go to the high priced sporting goods stores to get a decent stone. Just go to a fishing supply shop near a lake or river that has a fair amount of fishermen and women on it. They will have what you need, probably for less money and most likely there will be an old timer sitting around somewhere nearby who would be happy to give you pointers just for the asking. Our family has annual fish camps where we go out, set up camp and spend the weekend just fishing. We keep our catch in a cage in the water to keep them alive and fresh and at the end of the weekend we clean all of our catch, divide the meat evenly and go our ways. Guess who gets the job of sharpening knives while the fish cleaning is going on. One little side benefit to sitting down to sharpen knives is that it gives you time to think. To learn from your mistakes and make plans for the future. To spend some time just talking to The Lord and finding out what HE wants you to do next. It is a peaceful process that is soothing to your heart, mind and soul.

Take time now to go to the woods and learn how to walk thought them without sounding like a herd of elephants. One of the greatest compliments my father ever gave me was one night while sitting around the camp fire during hunting season he pointed at one of my brothers and I and told one of his friends,

"Those two move though the woods like a whisper."

Yes, it took a long time to learn these skills, but they are not out of the reach of anyone. And with even a little practice your skill level will rise and along with it your value to any group you may be associated with. You just need to practice. Watch and listen to yourself as you walk. No doubt you've heard about moving on tip-toe. Believe it or not that comes from just this kind of thing. When you walk put your toes down first and ease the heel down. Automatically the noise level decreases. And by easing the heel down you will find yourself feeling those little un-noticed branches that make lots of noise when they break under your feet. By keeping your weight on the toes, the branch doesn't break and you move along quietly. I realize that this kind of walking isn't natural to anyone. But after a couple of weeks of doing it, it will become second nature to you and you'll find yourself doing it on city sidewalks. And by the way, it decreases your noise level even on concrete.

Take a look at the world we live in right now. Then ask yourself, can you really afford to allow this practice time to slip by until you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you really need to know how to do these things? Do yourself a favor and don't take the chance.

Aug 8, 2019

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