I was reading the alert.....and there was an issue of smells and low level
planes. Wisconsin has been inundated with white skys and an acrid nose
burning scent. Children are not 10 days in school and having flu from both
directions. If the schools were properly cleaned over the summer.......then
this flu break out it too soon. The kids had sunshine and a clean place.
But? We have had in3 days 2 , the 3 and 2 1/2 inches of rain. SE WIS Corn
not tassled out. It is barely tassled stalk. Needs more time. bottom of
stalks are yellow with mold wet. USDA Farm Tour warned about cool and wet
and this would cause with the hi lunar year and solar maudy, an early frost
by 3rd week of Sept and possible freeze. The fields are now too wet to go
in and get the silage or any corn yield. Other farmers last week must of
heard the prediction of the USDA Farm TOUR and cleared their field to have
some vs NO YIELD. Lots of standing water.
FILTER your Water......GET some cholorphyll greens to add to the water once
a day for the purification of body and the tone down the blood pH

Sep 13, 2019

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