I wrote this poem because of the increase in rhetoric from many sources regarding cannibalism and adrenalising and drinking of blood as well as the continued child sacrifice of abortion.


We are a people obsessed with blood;
Entertainment brings it to us with a flood.
Many believe their dark TV series are all about love,
But vampires my friends are all about blood.

Blood was shed in order to cover the nakedness of man;
For offerings priests would shed the blood of a lamb.
Abel’s blood still cries out from the ground;
Today the blood soaked soil makes a deafening sound.

Bloodletting was once thought to bring healing,
But the life is in the blood and that has multiple meanings.
We sing “There is power in the blood”, but do we believe our song?
The Illuminist believes the blood will make him strong.

There are cultures that drink the blood of their enemy;
They consume the blood as part of an ancient alchemy.
But it is not as ancient as you might think;
Just today there were those that blood did drink.

We are a people of blood with blood on our hands;
Blood stains our clothes and blood stains our land.
Blood is shed for the cheapest and the vilest of reasons;
From the seats of power blood is shed with malfeasance.

Jesus shed His blood as an ultimate and final sacrifice;
No other blood is needed and no other blood will suffice–
Suffice to wash away the sins of all mankind,
But darkness has intruded and deluded men’s minds.

Men believe they can control the power of the blood themselves,
And so dark rituals and death are brought up from the pit of hell.
The war over blood started in the Garden of God with Eve;
That is what is meant by enmity that was to be between the seed.

To corrupt the blood has been the goal of all ages
Because corrupted blood could not possibly save us.
Corruption of the blood can be realized in altering the DNA,
And corruption of the seed as in the days of Noah goes on today.

Adrenochrome should not even be a word within our language;
In order to obtain it children are adrenalized and tortured into anguish.
Then those dark practitioners ingest it with anticipation
Of eternal youth, but they will find it brings eternal damnation.

The abortion industry has changed us into a people of blood;
It is the antithesis of Truth and we are guilty of innocent blood.
For the flesh there are many functions performed by the blood,
But for the Spirit there is no virtue in the shedding of innocent blood.

Will our obsession with blood be satisfied
When blood runs in the streets four feet high?
When the dead outnumber all the mothers’ tears,
And just to bury them will take over seven years?

And those who are not washed clean by His blood
May find in that day that they will be drowned in blood.
The blood of Jesus, when it was spilled, tore the veil in the temple in two,
And today there are those who attempt to mend the veil like new,

Striving to rebuild a temple to sacrifice animals again upon the alter,
But God says “Bring no more vain offerings”; He will not listen to the psalter.
God asks “For what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to Me?”
“It is finished.” Is the cry that was heard when Jesus’ blood stained the tree.

Every thought of man is now consumed with plans for evil–
Within every home, every government and under every steeple.
To make personal gain at the cost of blood is now routine,
And coming soon to your dinner table will be Soilent Greene.

Corrupted blood, shed blood, innocent blood,
Blood stains, blood guilt, blood mixed in the mud;
Rivers of blood, oceans of blood, blood to the horse’s bridle,
For we are suicidal, homicidal in a world that is genocidal.

It has always been all about the blood and it still is today;
There are those under the alter waiting for their blood to be repaid.
The judgment Hand of the Most High God will not always be stayed,
And those unrepentant with blood still on their hands should be very afraid.

We are now in the “season of blood”; the times have become dark.
Soon the blood will be shed of those who refuse to take the mark.
Those who are possessed by corrupted blood are obsessed with shedding it,
And the enmity that was spoken of between the seed line still exists.

Your corrupted DNA can be changed, but you must be re-born.
With repentance comes a cleansing flow, it is from Calvary borne.
The shed blood of Jesus Christ was and is the sufficient sacrifice;
Any other letting of blood is a dark counterfeit used to entice –

To entice men to seek a forbidden knowledge and power,
And men engage the darkness unaware of the hour.
Whether unaware or in defiance men drink the blood,
But blood will not forever be unavenged and many will die in the guilt of their own blood.

“When you reach out your hands, I will hide My eyes from you; even when you make many prayers,
I will not hear. Your hands are full of blood.” Isaiah 1:15

Isaiah 1:11-20 , Revelation 9:10-11 , John 19:30

By randy conway

Sep 20, 2019

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