Steve, since you have placed a few of the things I have written about the recent high profile shootings in your Q-Alerts, I ask that you also post this email. I believe only God can reveal the truth in relation to the recent shootings and the driving reasons behind them. It is my belief the shootings in public places defy common sense therefore they must have a hidden agenda carried out through mind control of the reported suspects in each case. In the Aurora and Newtown shootings, witnesses report multiple actors in each case but you never hear about them after the initial report.

I experienced the exact same situation in the Ft. Hood shooting. I live in the same area as Ft. Hood and I happened to have a police scanner on while the FT. Hood shooting was on going. The local police used the Harker Heights main channel for the Ft. Hood event which I listened to as the mass shooting unfolded. There were reports from a Deputy Sheriff in the staging area for the ambulances of taking gun fire from another shooter away from where Hasan was located. Also a Killeen P.D. SWAT Team reported taking fire from a sniper in the second story of a building on Ft. Hood, also away from the area where Hasan was located. A friend of mine was on the base at the time of the shooting. He reported seeing two men placed in the back seat of a black Crown Victoria with blackout glass and driven away from one of the head quarters buildings, when I shared what I heard on the scanner radio. Only a short blurb on the local news made reference to the two other individuals taken into custody. A press release said they were cleared of any involvement and Hasan acted alone. Not one word was ever said about the other shooters after the two operators were driven away.

IF you will remember addition gas masks and equipment were found outside of the Aurora movie theater away from where Holmes was found sitting in his car. Eye witness reports clearly indicate a second operator present in the movie if not two additional suspects. Again we see the additional operators ignored in Aurora. In Newtown we have many unanswered questions about the additional suspects taken into custody. We get a report they are cleared. No supporting information is ever given to clearly explain who the additional suspects are and why they were in the area. A clear pattern has formed in the shootings of multiple actors who are ignored a few hours after the incident and never properly explained to the public. As a retired criminal justice Chaplain and counselor I have to say something is not right and we are not being told the truth about these mass shootings.

Having given context for what I am asking you and your readers help in, is a search for the truth through the power of God. I have been praying for the truth to be revealed in these shootings and the guilty to be clearly displayed to the world. I have been asking God to uncover what is hidden and to bring light to these recent horrific events. Jesus said we do not have because we have not asked. He also said where two or more gather I am there. I am asking for a massive group of people to pray daily for truth in these events. I feel lead to ask for your help Steve. In my heart I think there is a massive evil action in play by some of the most dark forces in our world. I am asking for the formation of an equally massive group of God's people to help combat the evil force at work here. Jesus has given us tremendous power to act against the devil and his works and I ask for fellow Christians to join me in a specific mission against the devil and his works in this area. I would like to form a group of people to pray for truth and revelation in the shooting events during the past few years. If I am totally wrong about the mind control and we are dealing with a pack of lone wolf head cases let it be shown. Likewise if I am correct in my thoughts these events are a carefully constructed mind control operation to bring about a hidden agenda then pray that it is revealed along with the people involved.

I think it is time Christians use the power Jesus gave us for battling the evil forces of our world. I am from Texas, so it should not surprise anyone I feel it is time we kick some evil butt. Christians need to get off the couch while they wait for Jesus to return. Jesus did not call us to be slackers expecting Him to do everything for us. Jesus didn't say I will do it all, He said I am with you, which implies we need be doing what needs to be done on earth to combat evil with His help. There are battles to be fought against evil and people to be told about Jesus and how he can change their lives.

My question to everyone is, "Will you help in this search for the truth"?

Thanks to my brothers & sisters in Christ

Dec 22, 2012

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