RED OCTOBER-A season of blood and a climate of trouble lie at the threshold of tomorrow Time is in God’s hands, but I believe the time left is only borrowed.


A Red October will not be limited to the color of the sky
A Red October will be a time when the mettle of men is tried
A Red October will be remembered for the flood of tears that were cried
A Red October will not be remembered for Tricks or Treats or pumpkin spice.

A season of blood and a climate of trouble lie at the threshold of tomorrow
Time is in God’s hands, but I believe the time left is only borrowed.
Will men be delivered to trouble, to astonishment and to hissing
Because all warnings and scripture for too long we have been dismissing?

The time is now upon us that we must stand and dress for battle;
We have been warned, we have been commanded to come out of Babel.
Those whose names are in the Book of Life–you’re here for such a time as this.
Beyond human comprehension are those who are coming from the abyss.

The demonic parasitic forces are at work engineering this world’s conflicts;
Satan, the king of the world, waits under the ice to ready his plan to inflict.
Sadly there are churches embracing evil, practicing every kind of paganism,
And so it is that men have become a part of the enmity–a very ancient schism.

Who will be wearing red shoes this coming Halloween?
Perhaps followers of the ancient gods, those worshippers of Athene.
Will there be spirit cooking and soul cakes this all hallows eve?
Red October will be a time when for missing children mother’s grieve.

Do you know your identity? Do you know who you really are?
Choices will be presented and loyalties made sure; that time is not afar.
Did not Bush Sr. give away the plans for a neutron bomb?
I don’t know about you, but knowing who has it gives me qualms.

There have been signs in the sky but sadly they have been scoffed.
There is one who saw an ominous giant blackbird–it is now aloft.
Written on its wings is “Power has been given unto me”;
“I want to make war” is also written on its beak.
Higher entities will be welcomed by those who don’t know their own creator
And those they welcome will reveal themselves as our terminators.
Those who serve the darkness do not originate from this planet
And they are more than ready to take advantage of the fool’s enchantment.
Let those with ears hear and understand;
May the Ecclesia prepare to make a stand.
Live in, not put on, the whole armor of God
Be not deceived this world is ruled by fraud.
What will happen in a Red October I can’t really say;
It was a bloody Revolution which coined this phrase.
Prophecy is rapidly unfolding before our very eyes
And every day another perverted evil by society is normalized.

To find the truth turn off the agenda driven falsehoods pretending to be news.
You will gain nothing by ignoring God and eternally everything that you will lose.
“Heaven and earth will surely pass away”, in the Word it is so inscribed,
But God’s “Word endures forever”; it is living and will never die.

There will be great tribulation; such has never been seen before.
History has no record or any reference to describe the coming horror.
The winds of war blow as a gale and unrest is creeping under every door
And men entrenched in a strong delusion will not abandon Babylon’s whore.

“Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins”;
You will find this command to be essential when the plagues begin.
An earthquake is coming that will cause even the remnant to be afraid;
Now is the time for us to repent and this very moment is the time to pray.

“The righteous cry, and the Lord hears and delivers them from trouble”;
Those who rise up against the Most High God will be reduced to stubble.
It is now a most critical time that all men know their true identity
To belong to the only One who HAS ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS hold true SUPREMACY.
“Thou art my rock and my fortress; for thy name’s sake guide me,”
“My times are in Thy hand: deliver me from mine enemy.”
Let the lying lips be put even now into silence;
As a “Warrior Class of Christian” I will not bow to compliance.
A Red October could in fact be coming now upon us.
A Red October when into a new normal we will be thrust.
A Red October when spells are cast and children sacrificed.
A Red October when war could define a new zeitgeist.

A Red October will not just describe the color of the autumn sky;
A Red October will determine with whom you are allied.
A Red October that calls us to uphold His righteousness;
A Red October when there is no more time for idleness.
The converging of crowns is coming at a frightening rate–
The economic crown and the secret London banksters will see their fate;
The military crown and the subverting DC minions will be revealed as fakes;
The religious crown is coming down and the Vatican City’s evil potentate.

Much must transpire before we see the end
But a Red October could be where it begins.
One day the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord
And He shall rule them with a rod of iron and the world will feel His sword.
by randy conway
“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” Rev. 6:8

Scriptures used or paraphrased in these verses:
2Ch 29:8, Jer 18:16, Eph 6:11, Rev 18:4, Est 4:14, Lk 21:25,
Mat 24:35, Rev 11:13, Psa 34:17, Psa 31:3, Psa 31:15, Rev 11:15

Sep 30, 2019

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