This is a satanic weapons system. What I feel now others will in the future. It's very
painful please warn others:Okay, I live in HUD apartments in Carson City Nevada. Recently they installed a new WiFi system, apparently by government mandate according the the managers. I have been sensitive to WiFi signals as has my wife and one of our daughters. This is why we got rid of WiFi. This new signal is stronger than anything I've experienced and is quite painful. I can't bear to be in my own apartment with my family for more than a short time. It's also in a government building I clean. The signal is becoming more pervasive and I believe it's 5G though I am certain. My own increase in sensitivity is probably the result of long term exposure from working. The primary symptoms are blurred vision, sinus pain, cognitive difficulties, confusion, aggression, crushing headaches and leg problems. My wife and neighbor are also experiencing pain in the chest and abnormal heart beats. Sleeping there yields no rest and constant ringing in the ears as well as feeling like your eyeballs are fried. By contrast, having been out camping the symptoms fade as long as I'm outside the WiFi fields. I have been to ER for CT because it felt like I was having a stroke but there is no visible sign of brain abnormalities. We have tested for carbon monoxide and there is none. Many people are naturally less sensitive, I presume, but I also believe that their constant use of pain killers and drugs may be a mitigating factor. Now subjectively I must say that the energy feels very much like an unclean spirit. Kind of nauseating. Those who have discerning of spirits will know what I mean if they've felt it. The danger, I believe, with this ever expanding network, is not only in the absolute control over every detail of life provided by IOT, but that there are segments of the population who will exhibit bizarre and aggressive behavior inexplicably. The seductive and addictive nature of this tech will positively ostracize those who dare take this poison bottle from the baby that is society. I wish to testify as a warning. I sincerely believe this is a weapon system against which conventional arms are and will be of no effect. Without a mind, you're nothing. When people finally do begin to succumb they may well be misdiagnosed. Whether this is some plot or simply the result of profit driven dog eat dog human behavior is of little consequence. The frog that didn't feel the hot water is now screaming a warning.D.P.

Oct 27, 2019

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