Dear Steve & Doug,

Just finished listening to your presentation on Doug Hagmann, the 14th of
November. I must inform you that you have been a truly invaluable open
source for so many of us. I am ex-army and pilot. I was in Canada a few
months ago and was truly astonished as to how the so-called professing
Christians are acting. Like you said, spineless and wimpy people. They
forget theres a whole different and violent world out there, besides their
current safe and comfy atmosphere that they are so used to. Its all
artificial, superficial, frustrated people who appear that their sole
purpose is to present you a whole list of what not to do, or how you should
behave. If you dont, you are simply shunned, ostracized, among so many
other nasty things. It was a truly shocking experience since I went there
to try to find Christian people I could truly find help. What a great
disappointment. If it was like that with me, how would others see these
same people without a brotherly view of things? Truly shocking.
I also saw how this woman started to freak out since a grocery product had
gone up a few cents. Just a few cents and this woman was freaking out.
You have put so much out there and we know that it is true, but others
think and declare that we all are nutcases. It is truly saddening.
Especially when things are plainly unfolding itself right before our eyes.
I told them very clearly, they, as in Canada had to pray for the U.S.,
because if/when social unrest does brake out, it would immediately affect
them as well.
Can you believe what will happen if/when the U.S., Canada, Mexico and
Brazil go down, what will happen to this entire continent? These people
don't even take a few minutes a day to contemplate whats going on and its
And I agree, this same argument was brought up to me about this reliance
that they need not worry since we will all be Raptured out by then. I mean,
really? Is this the excuse in not stepping up with things that are simply
wrong, just because you are counting to be Raptured out?
Oh man.
Steve and Doug, thank you so much for your services. Weve all been
infiltrated and are truly suffering. For those who have eyes to see.
I have also shared this interview with a friend in the medical field in
Angola. Thank you both for all of your services.
Sincerely yours,
D.G de L

Nov 15, 2019

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