I too have been reading the alerts about the giant falling stars dropping straight down from the heavens that people have been seeing and writing in about. I haven't seen any myself but I believe these brethren and I think the scripture in Rev. that Jacob quoted is right on and applicable.

I also believe it is taking place now. I think that's why all hell, literally, is breaking loose upon the earth. There is such a "great emptiness" in the spiritual realm - it's very strange,...I sense this with my entire being. Where once the fullness of the Lord filled the whole earth - there is now only emptiness because of the hardness of men's hearts.

The Holy Ghost has removed His presence from the earth, though not from the Lord's children as individuals. Pushing through that great emptiness to reach the Throne Room is warfare like I've not ever encountered.

There is a lot of disunity amongst the brethren on earth also. The devil is thriving in this area especially, and it is the very thing Jesus spoke of which will cause family members and friends who are deceived to turn against one another and even against the Lord God.

Many will lose their salvation because of what they choose to do in these times, even though they will be among the loudest voices professing Jesus and the scriptures as the only TRUTH.

Many would argue that ones salvation cannot be lost. Let them seek the scriptures and they will find abundant proof to the contrary in both Old and New Testaments if they are not completely deceived and their hearts hardened against all that is holy.

It did my heart much good to read what Jacob wrote in asking for prayer for release from those things which will fall away and have no part in the Lord's Kingdom.

I will pray for Jacob right now and I know already that the Lord is answering his prayer and for the chosen who are praying for the same thing in their own lives to be loosed from being caught up in the things of earth meant to distract them from serving and walking intimately with Jesus in these days. In Jesus~Romy

Dec 23, 2012

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