Dear Steve, We live in Yuma county Colorado on a farm near the town of
Wray. On Christmas morning my wife and I called our oldest son, to wish him and his family a Merry
Christmas. In the course of our conversation I mentioned to him about the
large drones being seen in Yuma and Phillips county and now yes even in
Washington and Lincoln counties. I mentioned how you and Dave were both
reporting on them. He was very interested as he follows your site as well.
He called me back on the evening of 12/26. His landlord is a
retired federal LEO who was employed with the BLM.
He told my son about the drones an said he would check into
it as he had a couple of close friends who were still active federal LEOs
but I don't know what agency. This is what they told him as relayed back to
me via my son. The drones are DHS and yes they are looking for guns but
more specifically large caches of weapons that may even be stored
underground. The drones have the technology to detect metal piping as well
as hollow spaces underground such as cellars, bunkers etc. Interesting
because a gun is basically a metal pipe. So as I understand they are
looking for cellars and bunkers with large caches of weaponry. Now this is
where it gets WEIRD! They stated, that this was
being done in preparation for an event or events that would cause the
capitol to be moved from Washington DC to Denver but I have no idea what
that event would be. (nuclear attack?...civil war?...tsunami?...invasion?)
I realize that this is third party info so make of it what you will. I personally have
not seen these drones but then I am an early to bed kind of guy. I do know
of a lady who lives in the country near the tiny town of Laird, Co. (very
near me) who was awakened by one of these drones looking in her living room
window and one of my coworkers tells me she has pictures of it on her cell
phone. I have not seen them but I would certainly like to. Anyway that is
all I have and feel free to relay this info to Dave if you see fit. God
bless you and keep up the good work. B.

Dec 28, 2019

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