Steve, Guerilla warfare and insurgency tactics, like what I've faced before, works best against conventional forces..

In iraq, I conducted well over 100 caches sweeping missions. They were buried and easy to find with metal detectors, no drones helped us, but we eventually learned the usual hasty hiding spots.

Two things when hiding weapons. Hiding in place site under large trash piles with lots of metal always threw us off, plus, being sunken in water tight containers in the Euphrates, we could almost never find them.

But I've learned the best way to hide your weapons, is to keep them on you, and not get caught. I've seen how the cartels smuggle drugs and guns and people in vehicles and trailers...eventually, the resistance fighters will be using all of these very same tactics. At least the veterans who fought in these wars, understand these tactics.

Unfortunately, there will be many factions of resistance and many will want to be in charge and the infighting alone, will be as deadly as the imperial rule that we all face.

Thankfully, the Imperialist will not have the current military to lean on for long until they defect and disband. The Imperial forces that we will face one day, will be well armed, well provisioned and very poorly trained. Fear, will spread amongst their ranks like a plague.

I believe, after a few really good ass kickings, that's when the imperial forces of the Antichrist become modified and enhanced, Evening out the playing field against the veterans and where they lacked experience and tactical knowledge, they will make up with demonic powers and super human strength, health and endurance.

After that, the resistance, the remnant, will be at the mercy of God.

This will be like a bad episode of' Star Wars'.

Dec 29, 2019

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