Final Preparations - Email from cold war warrior I talked to a man from Visa-Mastercard Today not representatives but directly employed with them. He wouldn't tell me at first but said something big big would happen in September. They [the government] is getting ready to replace the dollar with new currency backed by gold, oil and certain types of minerals.This guy was well knowleged in the rise of the banking system and its fraud. You heard today that the government doesn't need warrant to wire tap... So that’s one possible answer or perhaps a cover story they are giving those in the banking industry to keep them from worrying. Jim Yes J there are a lot of strange things going on. Just 5 years ago I would have ignored this as kookism but recent events prevent me from taking such a lackadaisical position. Certain internet shows seem to get professionally jammed when discussions get very interesting. I also noticed a number of youtube bits from Russian scientists about strange astronautical goings on have been deleted and blocked. Rumors about troop movements and of course the increased state of readiness of DHS is unusual..............D Begin forwarded message: F Subject: Final Preparations Heard so many of these reports over the last few years that I hesitate to forward... but there are just too many things going on right now that indicate something big may be coming down... Along with the actions indicated in this article, several of the largest torrent sites that disseminate info on government abuses have been attacked (DoS, Denial of Service) over the last 1-2 wks. They had servers located in other countries (Ukraine, New Zealand, etc.) and several have now been taken down by local law enforcement in coordination with the DoS attacks. The attacks on these sites appear to be coordinated around the world. I grant that some of these sites had torrents representing copyrighted material but some were clean. One instance was ConCen (Conspiracy Central) which posted info on gov abuses, alternative health, etc. and immediately removed anything that was posted and found to be copyrighted. But ConCen went under several DoS attacks as well over the past week and PayPal has now confiscated all their recent donations... so they may not be able to operate much longer. If an overt takeover of the country is at hand then removing these torrent sites from the web would slow down any dissemination of info about what abuses of the population were taking place, hence I am a tad concerned. Jim

Aug 9, 2012

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