I am tired of the Luciferians having their way with God's creation. I am praying about the topics mentioned in the following article to fight Luciferians by bringing forth Truth and Revelation to the people created in God's image. I can only imagine the Spiritual Power that could be generated by a few million Prayer Warriors in a targeted operation. I am calling all Christians of all backgrounds to join forces and forget the division that weaken us all. A house divided cannot stand, it is time to unite in Jesus for a glorious harvest and devastating blow to the evil ones.

Fellow Christians it is time to stop being "Reactive" and become "Aggressively Proactive". People tend to fall into a reactive pattern of living. The massive guns and ammo buying of the past few days is a perfect example of what I am presenting in this article. Being an old guy from Texas who was raised on a farm, normal for me was having guns and ammo for everyone in the family and they knew how to use them. I was amazed at how the guns and ammo was flying off the shelves at all of the local gun dealers and chain stores. Panic buying is reactive and often many people come-up way short.

If some disaster comes our food stores have no back stock. My aunt and uncle owned a mom and pop grocery store when I was a youngster. They had a stock room that the shelves were filled from. There were no computer cash registers to track inventory which fed a regional distribution center for daily deliveries. If there is a major disruption in transportation or a major weather event your big chain grocery store or super-center will be empty in hours if they were not blown away.

If the water supply to your home stopped for some reason would you have water to drink and flush the toilet for a couple of days? How about a small generator to keep your refrigeration going so your frozen food does not spoil in an electrical outage? Have a gas fired furnace? It requires electricity to move the warm are.

So far I have talked about being "Proactive" in the physical world but the main focus of this article is about being "Aggressively Proactive" in the Spiritual World. I have pointed out the previous items to show it is wise to be "Proactive". As Christians we operate in both the Physical World and the Spiritual World!

The recent shooting of small children at their school has brought forth an outpouring of sympathy and upset emotions, which are normal reactions for good people. What I have not seen, is a ground swell of Spiritual Warfare against evil forces responsible for the event. Christians have tremendous power to combat evil in the Spiritual Realm through Prayer.

The time for Christians being a Passive Victim is over! We need to take the fight to the evil ones who operate among us. The results in the Physical World are only the visible results of what is happening in the Spiritual World. Christians must go on the offensive in the Spiritual World! I am issuing a call to war against the evil ones in the Spiritual Realm through Prayer Warriors! I am asking every Christian who reads this article to pray for confusion of evil plans, the failure of time and place for the evil ones, and the revelation of the evil ones and their human helpers who are warring against us. If we can reveal the evil doers and show the mind control used to deceive people we will help others come to know Jesus as their savior. I do not know if God's judgment can be avoided but we can at least help a few more lost people find Jesus.

A suggested list of areas where we need Prayer Warriors (add topics revealed to you)

1. Truth and Revelation about the origin of the recent mass shootings (Blood Sacrifice to Lucifer)
2. Truth and Revelation about abortion (Blood Sacrifice to Lucifer)
3. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt bankers.
4. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt politicians.
5. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt preachers.
6. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt judges.
7. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt operation of governmental agencies
8. Truth and Revelation about gun control
9. Truth and Revelation about gun confiscation
10. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt plans for martial law and the planned slaughter of many people. (Blood Sacrifice to Lucifer)
11. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt wars waged using our young men and women. (Blood Sacrifice to Lucifer)
12. Truth and Revelation about the corrupt education system used to mind control our children

There are many people who do not know Jesus as their personal savior and they need our help desperately. Our future is secure in Jesus, but many are lost and we have time to reach out to them for Jesus, by coming against the evil ones in the Spiritual Realm. Bringing Truth and Revelation about the listed topics might jolt a few more into reaching out to Jesus because they have been shown the truth.

Please become a Aggressive Proactive Prayer Warrior. Together in the power granted each Christian by Jesus we can make a big difference.

In Jesus,

Dec 24, 2012

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