On Christmas evening I was at my sister-in-law's walking my dog around 7:45
pm and noticed 7 glowing orange/red lights coming over the house at the end
of the street which was due north (possibly NNE) from where I was standing.
These lights floated from the north until they disappeared over the houses
at the other end of the street (south). They made no sound at all as they
floated by. As they disappeared I noticed a single one coming over the
original house which was followed a short time later by another (total of
9). These two additional ones floated overhead again making no noise and
disappearing over the adjacent house. My wife and sister-in-law also saw
them and two of us took pictures of them.
As I was about to go back in to the house I heard yelling from the house at
the end of the street (north end). I paused for a minute or so and then
noticed another group containing 6 additional lights. this group appeared
to be "playing" as they followed the same path as the previous 9 lights.
They tended to dance around eachother and by the time they passed overhead
there was only three as if pairs of them combined together to create a
single light. Total time for all 15 lights was about 15 minutes.
Strangest thing I've seen. We get quite a bit of air traffic in this area
and in fact a plane flew a perpendicular route about 15 minutes later and
these definitely appeared to be lower in height than the aircraft which I
could clearly hear.
Eric in Ct.

Dec 26, 2012

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