The time is now upon us and the wailing has begun, Screams tear through the night and many are undone. Undone because they refused knowledge and they rejected truth;The warnings were scoffed and there is none their fears to soothe.


The time is now upon us and the wailing has begun,
Screams tear through the night and many are undone.
Undone because they refused knowledge and they rejected truth;
The warnings were scoffed and there is none their fears to soothe.

For years men have been sliding into depravity
And so we have come to living out this malady
Surrounded by those now more demon than human
And the prophecies of scripture everyday are proven.

Today is the day that you must take action for tomorrow is too late.
The provision available to you today will not wait.
Today is the day of preparation, repentance and Salvation.
Now is the moment for tomorrow memories will bring vexation.

For the blood bought child there is the knowledge
That we do all we can then stand; upon the Rock that is Solid.
There is a hiding place provided by the Living God
But you can’t find it if you listen to the voice of fraud.

Many will be displaced because they believed the demonic influence of trolls,
Thinking watchmen just wanted their money and were trying to cajole.
Waiting for the world to align with their own imaginations before they will take heed,
And the New World Order has already arrived and its arrival they did not see.

Willful ignorance will prove for untold numbers to be fatal.
A remnant will survive if to the Father they remain faithful.
The masses are entertained by this world’s pleasures and perversions
And they will have no oil to light their lamps when darkness makes incursion.

When faith and trouble collide how will you fare?
Men’s hearts will fail for fear; are you prepared?
There will be days never seen before since time began.
Do you know the Father? Have you prayed? What is your plan?

The enemy has his plan and has been implementing it for eons now
Evidenced by Pandemic Bonds sold in 2017; why is such a thing allowed?
The World Bank sold $500 million worth to profit from others misery,
And so, the dark powers have worked throughout most of history.
Michael Bloomberg, once a candidate in a presidential election
Seems to have some interesting connections.
John Hopkins School of Public Health with whom he is connected
Was part of a pandemic assembly called event 201 where pandemic plans were projected.

It was merely a staged exercise in how to handle a worldwide pandemic,
With the Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum it was more than just academic.
Like previous events called Clade X, Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm
An ominous gathering of globalists where dark plans for our future were formed.

How would they know to create an exercise to model a response
To a coming Corona Virus if that was not their secret want?
Not unlike the events and drills that came before the twin towers fell
What is real and what is planned is becoming very hard to tell.

Is this a virus designed and spread in order to divide us?
And AOC goes to Fox news as if she is a voice to trust.
We can’t cope because churches are still practicing yoga to yoke with Brahman.
And TPTB can’t cope with the Q anon unifying phenomenon.

The Elite are now bugging out to their gilded bunkers.
With medical martial law where is the common man to hunker?
The just in time delivery system is at a standstill,
And military personal are in our streets – this is not a drill.

Another major denomination succumbs to social pressure,
Looking to the world for approval rather than to God for measure.
The social gospel is spread as if it were the inerrant scriptures,
And too many churches have become a part of the New World Order mixture.

Now the nations are called by Almighty God to everyone draw near.
The nations are called to listen so that all the people may hear.
Hear the indignation of the Lord which is upon all the nations;
And His fury is poured out upon their armies at every battle station.

The host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens rolled together as a book.
Remember the lesson of the fig tree it is a sign upon which we are to look.
The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against those who the truth suppress.
The signs of the end of the age before us have already begun to coalesce.

We have we sold our freedoms and we have bartered our birthrights for comforts.
We have sacrificed our children, which has only made our condition worse.
Human trafficking thrives unabated and given only a token glance.
With technology and sorcery as weapons the New World Order continues to advance.

We are in a world of persecution and what we see is but a charade.
We are told that in the end the faith of many will fall away.
Now is the time to realize what the word endure, truly means,
Those who endure will be saved as this world comes apart at its seams.

Planes fly over the Cascadia region with little explanation,
Children are trafficked, tortured or aborted without hesitation.
All of creation is groaning as the earth continues to quake,
And the truth within the secret plans of governments remains opaque.

The earth is groaning under the weight of the blood upon it poured,
Blood that is feeding and empowering a dark demonic horde.
Obsessed with shedding blood, drinking blood and Adrenachrome,
With alchemy and chemistry designed to change the seed, altering the genome.

The economy of this Corona pandemic is causing monumental stress.
The shelves are rapidly becoming empty and for goods there is no access.
The blame game is being played by every political opportunist,
And the Watchmen are still seen as nothing but conspiracists.

Dead fish, dead birds, dead air, dead food and soon dead people as the population goals are reached.
Socialists, communists and manipulated political parties still longing the president to impeach.
The long-sought goal of a cashless society is coming ever closer by the minute.
The goals for the New World Order in which we now exist, are without conscience and without limits.

I refuse to face the trials of today in fear or without an ally;
I will abide in His shadow and dwell in the shelter of the Most High.
I refuse to face the challenges of today and the questions of tomorrow unprepared;
I will do what I can, but my stand is in my faith and what God’s word has declared.

Finding the truth in todays economy of lies is a difficult if not impossible task.
Truth is now considered treason and too many voices hide behind a lying mask.
Cover-ups, subversive and corrupted reports to achieve a desired result,
And the leaders of the governments of the world are imbedded in the occult.

It is time for God’s people to stand on the word of their testimony and “the blood of the lamb.”
Those who do not know God’s word of prophecy will be deceived until they are eventually damned.
Babylon will not recede, and Satan will not retreat the battle will continue until the very end.
The message is simple and clear, repentance is the greatest preparation for the days we’re in.

We are beyond the birth pangs now and have entered into full blown labor.
What will be birthed in these last days can only be endured and faced with a Savior.
The Savior does not come from governments, agencies, armies or the latest author,
Our Survival and our Savior comes only from God the Father.

There is a way that seems right to a man but leads only to destruction.
Too many will follow that way because it is presented with great seduction.
Jesus is the Way; He is the Truth and He is Life and only through him can we reach the Father.
Salvation isn’t hard to obtain for the price has been paid and to you it is freely offered.

There is hope and encouragement even in these frightening and unsure times,
But for many the fear will increase until it causes death if they don’t read the signs.
The sorrows that are to come are exceedingly more than you can imagine,
And Principalities and Powers are marching forward with determination to make it happen.

Do not be deceived, globalist will continue to use every unscrupulous tactic,
Using programming, policy, entertainment and the news being constantly didactic.
Let those with ears hear, what does it profit a man to gain the world yet lose his soul?
Though the days seem uncertain take heart, for a loving God has provided for His own.

But here is the rub, to be of those not destined for wrath you must be God’s child.
Don’t spurn the ancient Holy Scripture and by the eloquence of the world become beguiled.
Now is a very treacherous time for a man to be double minded.
Today is the day for Salvation, all others will enter tomorrow in crippling blindness.

The time is now upon us and the wailing has begun,
Screams tear through the night and many are undone.
Undone because they refused knowledge and they rejected truth;
The warnings were scoffed and there is none their fears to soothe.

by randy conway

Mar 17, 2020

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