Hi Steve, wanted to comment on a few topics that have been written about in
your Q alerts. I'm about 8 miles NW of Bend, Oregon. About a month ago
while down at the barn visiting with a friend I saw an orange looking fire
ball falling straight towards the ground, just as others have seen. It was
still light out, maybe 4:15-4:30ish. It was large, really took me by
suprise, have never seen anything like that before. I was facing East, my
friend was facing me when I said "Look at that" but it was gone. It lasted
about as long as a shooting star would but was totally differant.
About 6 months ago I was out limbing some trees on the place, right as I
was going to start the chainsaw I heard and felt a huge BOOM! It really
startled me, was very loud and shook the ground! We have mountains/volcanos
around but don't think it was that. I had a good feel for the direction it
came from, didn't see any dust raising, anything like that.. The next day I
noticed the deck around the house had shifted. We have a large deck that
runs almost all the way around the house. A large part of it was now raised
up off the legs! Really strange, I have no idea what it was from nor what
would sound and move the ground like that. It's nice to read about others
having the same experiances, don't feel like I'm the Lone Ranger. Thanks,

Dec 27, 2012

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