The primary reason is to establish control over the people and begin to get people to be “blindly obedient” without asking questions as to why they should or should not do something.

FIRST ISSUE:Number1 is the food supply itself which is divided into 2 distinct issues . The first issue is that until the stay at home order and closing of restaurants the food supply of the USA was divided about 50% into retail sales (and packaging the products for retail sales) (PS such packaging costs more but the consumers expect it) and the other 50% was for food service industry (hotels restaurants and fast food places). This means that 50 percent of the available food in cold storage and dry storage in the distributor warehouses is not available for sale at this time to the public.
There is also the situation that the western half of the United States (west of the mississippi river) the warehouses for retail food sales are EMPTY of food products which can be sold in the grocery stores!!! The Eastern states are just behind the western states in warehouses. To be blunt the reserves have been used up (the reserves were set aside for the summer holidays and special holiday times) so now there is no reserve any place in the food supply chain. So available food must be redistributed until the full production of the food processing companies can be restarted with people who are not infected with the virus.

The next issue which no one is talking about is the cases of covid19 virus in the workers of the national food supply chain which means that any and all food items they touch will be contaminated and have to be checked. This applies to everyone from the farmers and farm hands down to the transport workers and food plant workers and grocery store people who handle the boxes of food to put them on the shelves etc. It is a NON TRIVIAL ISSUE TO SOLVE !!!!

The next issue which no one is talking about is that there is talk about massive civil unrest because of lack of food more than even the issues of the covid19 virus or lack of jobs !!! Thus the issue here is to confine people to their homes and condos and apartments so that the new 1 million reserve military call ups as well as 500 k of the military already assigned to civil unrest duty can be put into position with all their equipment silently while people are in their homes.

Apr 6, 2020

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