I asked that question so you will pause, pray, and think how you will handle the NEW REALITY the “NEW NORMAL”. I will bluntly tell you that things are no longer the same !!!!!!!!!!
If you protest and say “how can the greatest country in the world be out of food ? I will explain to you and what the results of your own behavior have caused in the country.

First I will begin with the way Americans expect their food to be:
1> If you go to a restaurant to eat a meal, you expect the meal to be served to you freshly cooked and SAFE (in this case free of salmonella and now covid19 !!!).
2> If you go to the grocery store and cook your meal at home you expect the items to be safe and free of dangerous things like infections as well (such as salmonella and now covid19 !!!)

To understand completely what must be done to ensure the type of food safety expected in the things listed above I will now take you from the “Farm to your mouth” so that you understand the complex issues in keeping food safe in the USA because of the “cleanliness and safety” you think you get by trusting the restaurant or grocery store to have things neatly packaged for your table or grocery wagon.
Let us begin at the farm:
We begin with the farm workers. If the farm workers are not healthy then any sickness they have (including covid19) will be part of the shipment to the next step in the process to get to your table.
Next we deal with the trucks and truckers and if they have any sickness (including covid19), that sickness will be added to whatever other sicknesses the farm workers may have had.
Next we deal with the food processing plants (in this example I will use a chicken processing plant). In such a plant the chickens are unloaded by the truckers and the plant workers and in the event that the food processing plant workers also have any sickness, that sickness is passed on to the chickens which are entering the processing plant. The the chickens go through the killing and removing of the feathers and then they are packaged as whole chickens or cut up chickens to be either sold as fresh or frozen. The type of packaging which is used depends on if it is intended for retail sale or as restaurant sale. If any of the workers have any sickness and touch the chickens in any manner then in fact that sickness is passed on down to the next step in the delivery to your mouth.
After the chickens in our example are packed into the boxes to load on the truck for delivery to a grocery store or a restaurant or even a cold storage facility (for frozen overflow to be ready for high demand times of the year). If any of the truckers or handlers at the receiving location (grocery store or restaurant or cold storage facility) have any sickness (including covid19) then the sickness is added to the surface of the package or the items themselves.
Then upon checkout at the grocery store (or the kitchen staff and waiters or servers or cashier at a restaurant) have any sickness (including covid 19) then that sickness is passed to you.
Then if you bought items at the grocery store then when you handle the items it is like you touched everyone who was in the food supply chain from the farm to your kitchen.
If you have a meal at a restaurant then in fact when you sit down to eat your meal you must realize that everyone who touched the items (food, plates, cups glasses, etc) it is like you touching those people and depending on the precise item you chose to eat the “touch chain” may go all the way back to the farm !!!!

Now that you understand the issues in the entire food chain I will now continue and explain the current issues existing in the usa and why you should have been already prepared, but if you are not it is to late to fix that problem.

Fact 1: Until now 50% of the food eaten was cooked by restaurants (including take out purchases). The other 50% percent was cooked at home.
Fact 2: When people heard there would be a “stay at home” order then PANIC BUYING BEGAN !! This panic buying had people buying their frozen pizzas and frozen and prepared meals to replace the items they would buy at the restaurants. Additionally people bought up frozen meats and other things to store in freezers at home for the longer time they expected to be home. This panic buying drained out the large cold storage and dry storage facilities which had extra reserve for the summer holidays. That reserve no longer exists and the warehouses are now empty !!!!!
Fact 3: So then you ask well what about the other 50 percent of the food in those warehouses which were supplying the restaurants? Well those items for legal reasons can not be sold at the retail level and since the restaurants are not open the USA military has paid the distributors for the food and emptied the warehouses so now those warehouses and the food supplies are now on the usa military bases for use by the military.
FACT 4: The USA food supply warehouses are now empty west of the mississippi river.
FACT 5: The USA food supplies east of the mississippi river are currently being reallocated.
FACT 6: It will be the military who decides who gets what items and how much of each item and the total of items in a trip to the stores.

My advice is pray and confess your sins before God and beg his forgiveness and protection and to meet your needs and the needs of your family.

God bless you all-THE SCIENCE GUY

Apr 8, 2020

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