John Stokes-Basic food items in Alaska have risen 46% this year.

My friend and client Alaska Storable foods, pre fukishima canned salmon) Dan , told me this week basic food items in Alaska have risen 46% this year. 2013 to be worse. USA drought and world wide famine is on the table. This has been confirmed by my Asia Europe intel guys. SQ NOTE Brethren I believe the Next 60-90 Days will become more expensive and more difficult to purchase foods especially Long Term Storage Food--Alpine- Aire Foods has Just been sold to Swiss Company--I have reintroduced 40.00 over spot for Gold and 2.00 over spot for silver in trade for Dri-Harvest Foods.I will also accept sterling silver--must be marked .925 or Sterling in Trade--Its going to get rough as the Weather Control and distribution make it Harder to acquire real nutrition--This is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE YOU MUST CONFRONT,as the Globalists attempt to Starve Us into Submission.Live on your terms or die on theirs!

Dec 28, 2012

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