Subject: India vs China in the mountains escalating and may become the Flashpoint for WORLD WAR 3

Warning to all readers or listeners: Make no mistake India is prepared to fight for what is theirs and does not for 1 moment believe the words of China in how China will back down and “behave”. India has brought all their front line defenses active and forward in the mountains and along the ring of crowns in the ocean around India all the way to China in the South China sea. To the uninitiated this means that India has prepared fully for a hot war with China and has all weapons in position to attack and respond to China either in a second or first strike position or in a first strike position which immediately follows a border incursion by China. (NOTE: Thus duplicating the typical Chinese trick of pretending it is only a minor border event when China intends to invade. India has presumed that China wishes to invade and when that would happen by treaty the USA becomes involved in the war, so in this event the local fight between India and China has become the flashpoint which begins world war 3.

God bless you all.....6/18/2020

Jun 18, 2020

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