FROM--7/24/16 ----This saith the Lord your God:

Since you have decided to do things yourself, and decide for yourself your path, then you shall decide your judgement and how it shall overtake you.

You shall become that in which you hated. Your allies shall become your enemies. Everything your nation stood for shall lay in waste at your feet. You resisted the calling of my prophets and the words of my witnesses. Therefore, this your judgement be.

Babylon, your blood shall I require for recompense, for the innocent blood you have shed. Your sanity shall I require for the minds that you have desecrated. Your bodies shall I require for whom your plagues have tormented.

If I shall not be your God, then I shall tear down your idols. And all that you posses, that in which I have given you, shall be of no worth.

This saith the Lord God:

You shall be an example to all nations. Your name shall be an insult in all tongues. Your bones shall be as a stepping stone to the Door. You shall be as an old childless widow woman, having no sound mind, spending day and night clamoring about aimlessly. No one shall hear your words.

Within her though, I have prepared a remnant of those that have heard My voice and walk the works of the Living God. They have obeyed My calling, and having done so shall stand at the appointed hour, in the jobs which I have assigned for them to do. For I have laid My Spirit upon them and they know My Heart. Keep your eyes on Me and you shall overcome. My Hand is with you and it shall keep you always. Look for Me when I come, even so I come quickly. Hold the faith. Amen--ROBERT S.

Jun 23, 2020

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