Obviously, they're coming after the gun owners so they can disarm Americans and have their way with them

Dear Steve and Hawk;

I was just pondering a few points that I would like to share. Obviously, they're coming after the gun owners so they can disarm Americans and have their way with them. Obviously, they're trying to encourage resistance or at the very least massive non-compliance. Obviously they've already ordered bazillions of rounds of ammo for Homeland Security etc. to be used against the American people. Examples can be made of a few to intimidate the rest of the populace to comply or die...and if they don't, predator drones and armered vehicles are more than a match for individuals armed only with rifles of any type. Obviously, most businesses are packing up and leaving this country because of the administration's policies. One of our largest industries is obviously the Prison Industry. China mostly, but other countries that own our debt have already said the USA needs to disarm its populace...or maybe they won't buy any more debt...It's harder to foreclose en mass if the populace can fight back en mass. Obviously we have already been sold out, and once the "President" is sworn in, he will be more "flexible" as he said to do what he wishes. One final point...Biblically speaking, when a nation goes under judgment, the populace is typically exiled to foreign lands and enslaved by those who are more cruel and wicked than they. When the American concentrations fill up, they will probably export Americans to those who "own" them, like China and all others who wish to share in the booty. It would also be MUCH easier to prevent a counter attack if the potentially subversive population of Americans that were not outright executed were dispersed world wide and could never mount an effective organized response. Usually a small remnant of the poorest and least skilled are left to work the land for the new owners.

Anyway, those were just a few thoughts.


Dec 30, 2012

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