Dear Steve,
I thought I’d write to you personally about China rather than just send videos or articles as I usually do. Please weigh what I’m going to share with you.
I am an immigrant to Hong Kong and have lived here for over 20 years, understand Chinese and have a good knowledge of China.

Some years ago after Xi Jinping became President, he decided to edit the Bible and other religions’ scriptures to reflect his ideology. You and I know that as far as the Bible is concerned, this is a huge no-no, and that the last few verses of Revelation warn what will happen to those who try it on. He has also ramped up the persecution of Christians; something that you don’t do if you want a blessed nation.
Since that time, China has run into various problems and its economy started to decline. What has happened in Hong Kong, I’ll come to a bit later as there is a strong biblical parallel at work even as I write.
Since the beginning of this year, China has run into a surprising number of serious problems all happening at the same time. These are:
1. The CCP virus, otherwise known as Covid-19 and other names (I believe this was released deliberately from the lab in Wuhan and that there is an agenda behind it possibly involving the US Deep State, but I don’t know what and I have no hard evidence to back it up)
2. Massive flooding caused by usually early and heavy rainfall all along the Yangtze River basin. This has caused hundreds of deaths and huge personal and public economic losses. Furthermore, many food growing areas have been damaged, with crops destroyed.
3. The Three Gorges Dam is warped and is releasing flood water at maximum rate, with further rainfall occurring upstream, with a huge volume of water building up behind it. If the Dam doesn’t break this year, water will damage the superstructure and it will break in similar circumstances in the future. When it does break, a massive volume of water will rush downstream and destroy several large cities, and severely damage others. Some of these cities, such as Yichang, will experience 10 metres or more of fast moving flood water. Wuhan, a city of 11 million, will have at least 5 metres of floodwater. Between 400 and 600 million people will be affected in some way, and a huge amount of farmland will be flooded, destroying thousands of square miles of crops in a major food production area. Thousands will probably die as a direct result of the disaster, with many more in the aftermath. National food supply will be affected.
4. Locust swarms have been detected in several provinces in both the north and south, including the North-East, Shandong and Guangxi. These are also major grain producing regions, so major implications again for national food production.
5. A major gold scam has taken place where a company borrowed several billion yuan against its holdings of physical gold. Except that when the company couldn’t repay the loans and the creditors came for the gold, they found most of it to actually be copper coated with gold leaf. I wonder how much of China’s physical gold reserves are real based on this behaviour. This could collapse China’s financial system.
6. Several regional banks are experiencing bank runs despite official denials and several provinces have mandated withdrawal limits to stop people taking all their cash out.
7. China’s behaviour over the CCP virus, border disputes and other matters have managed to annoy most of its neighbours as well as the West and other nations. Even Russia and Iran aren’t particularly happy as Russia recently sold fighters to India during its border dispute. Some Chinese nationalists have also brought up the idea of reclaiming the Vladivostok region from Russia.
8. China’s breach of the Hong Kong treaty has also destroyed confidence that the country will abide by its agreements.

Focusing on Hong Kong, the political status of the territory is similar to that in 2 Samuel 5:3 when David became King over the non-Judah tribes by means of a treaty. His grandson Rehoboam broke the treaty by rejecting the people’s demands in 1 Kings 12, with the CCP and Carrie Lam doing exactly the same thing in Hong Kong over the last year or so. At the beginning of this year, a new slogan was heard at demonstrations: Hong Kong Independence, the Only Way Out. This matches 1 Kings 12:16-17, and I believe that this sentiment will only grow. We are now at 1 Kings 12:18, where harsh officials have been sent down to try and force submission. I believe that just as Israel stoned Adoram, so something will happen to drive these officials out of town and that HK will miraculously become an independent country in the same way that Israel did. Even using the army to try and crush this move will go the same way as 1 Kings 12, I believe. I certainly am praying along these lines. What we don’t want though is a Jeroboam to become leader, so we’re praying along the lines of Exodus 18:21 for the next leaders of both HK and China. I pray that scripture for your country too. It is important for us that President Trump is re-elected with a Republican majority in both Houses, as he is the only leader with backbone to stand up to the CCP and its shenanigans. And I’m not a US citizen, so I can’t vote for him unfortunately. But then my calling is to this area.
Through this crisis, many people have come to Jesus in Hong Kong, and the church I attend will have to split in two to accommodate them.

I hope this is useful to you, as what happens here does affect your nation just as much as what happens in the US affects us.

Many blessings R.

Jul 25, 2020

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