I read this article then listened to you and Dave Hodges.I knew I had to write a definitive letter to family and friends; one letter which sums up where we are-what will be happening and the decisions we will be forced to make.
So many....claim they will not take the vaccine - easy to say when you're home on the computer. I will start sending this out to my family and friends tonight. "A Letter to My Family; A Letter to My Friends"

I can't say this enough. These co-vid vaccines are designed
to destroy human DNA, to transform people into AI robots;
half human, half machine. Cyborgs who are controlled by a
micro-chip implanted in their once-human bodies. Micro-chips
controlled by computers.
Kiss your life, your humanity, good-bye.

Deagel Report states: By 2025 America's population will
go from 356 million today, to 99 million people. Massive
population destruction is the UN Agenda 2030 stated plan.
250 million Americans will be dead by 2025.

Why else is 'demon of death.' Bill (and Mel) Gates involved??
People will also die of the vaccine. That's a given.

Those of us refusing,will be shipped to FEMA Camps or
possibly killed immediately. If you think you will gain a few
years of your earthly life; that things will 'get better or get
back to normal' if you take the vaccine, you are fast-tracking
on drugs, ready to crash, on the Yellow Brick Road.

There is NO MORE NORMAL AMERICA. America is gone. Finished.
Make up your mind how important eternity is to you. How real is it
to you? Does it matter what you do Now? Yes! I plan to NOT take
any vaccine. They will ultimately take my life. But . . . because
I have accepted eternal life by the grace of Jesus Christ, I will
go to my Lord when they kill me. He took my place on the Cross;
He died willingly for my sins - and yours. This is a phenomenal
gift of Grace! I repent and accept this extraordinary Gift!!
Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Don't kid yourself that you can 'have your cake and eat it, too.'
Au Contraire. If you become injected with the A.I./nano-particle
vaccine, you will be on your way to becoming A.I. No longer
fully human. When this happens, you give up any thought of
eternal life in Heaven. Jesus did not die for the sin of A.I./humans.
Jesus died for mankind. Remember, we are created by God,
in the Image of God. (Genesis 1:27). With the A.I.vaccine, we will
be created in the image of satan. And as such, we will fry with
him - forever - in hell.

Take your choice. Either Jesus or the vaccine. Life is fleeting.
Communist demons have already made life so unbearable, what is there
really to hold on to?? A house, a car, food . . . a vacation???? Is
any of that more important than eternity, in paradise, with Our Lord,
the God who created each one of us??? Talk with your family.
Prepare your children, and . . .

"Choose ye this day whom you will serve."


Carol H.
"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?"
(Mark 8:36)

Sep 13, 2020

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